Feb 25

I’m glad. It was pretty good so far- I just hope that they shake more of the “we’re back” dust and bring back the side characters that aren’t Pinky and the Brain. Read more

Feb 22

During decent the sky crane’s thrusters are attached to the outside crane like a shell around the rover and all angle a bit outward so the rover is (hopefully) never directly under rocket exhaust.

Jan 11

I hope the success of the Awful Block this year will convince them to move it out of the graveyard shift. The Wand of Gamelon run was amazing, but I was falling asleep every other minute during it.
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Jan 4

I've really loved this game so far and sunk a fair amount of time into it over the long weekend. The buttons haven't really bothered me so much as to where they're at, only that they're different for BotW, and the game feels so similar my brain is trying to marry the 2. Finally starting to get used to this setup now.

Dec 31

So, if you’re 70% more likely to get it, does that mean that you can multiply the incidence rate by 1.7 (100% for the baseline rate plus 70% more) to get the higher incidence rate? People sometimes calculate these rates differently, and the fact that they don’t specify the basis of the calculations and just state a Read more

Dec 30

Probably not, but if you sign into the PlayStation Store on a PC, you should be able to add the PS5 version to your library for when you eventually do decide to get a PS5. (Seemed to work with Bugsnax at least.)

Dec 9

I mean it was all luck (or density destiny?) - a lightning strike is a very fast thing, it takes less than a second, but all they knew was the minute during which it would happen, so the timing was already going to be up to chance. Add to that the things you said about the car’s acceleration and the weather and Read more

Dec 8

It’s not really about the directive. The Apollo program had a massive amount of funding and overwhelming public support. NASA has neither of those things in 2020, nor have they for a very long time. Add to that how every new president decides to scrap whatever his predecessor started and ‘refocus’ our human Read more

Nov 26

Oof. Hard disagree on this one. I have my issues with Discovery, but this is easily one of the best episodes of the series for me, if only because it felt like a classic Trek episode. Who doesn’t love a good trial plot!

Nov 17

MJF has nothing to prove to anyone. He did his thing like a boss and that’s how he’ll be remembered.

Nov 11

No Christmas decorations for you this year. America has let Donald down with all the fraud and ANTIFAS and whatnot so fucking Christmas is cancelled.

Oct 19

Bad take, Reese’s are the tits. I hope you stub your toe every day for the rest of your life.

Oct 15

Glad to see the ripple effects of Lovecraft Country having a positive effect in real life. Sure, most of us have heard of sundown towns, but the show illustrated that was not just a “thing” in the South. I am a child of the Left Coast, but it has never been an illusion to me that racism has run rampant here just the Read more

Oct 7

I liked this show more than I thought I would. Your review explains a lot about why. Men acting ridiculously with women as the voice of reason, I find, as I grow older, to be less of a trope and more of a reality. Read more

Oct 5

This. As someone who grew up with only Nintendo consoles, I was so thrown off when I first played Kingdom Hearts and the lower X-button was confirm instead of the O on the right. To this day it takes time to adjust when I’m jumping between Switch and PS4.