6/02/21 2:57PM

I honestly thought that they were giving them such luxury treatment in an effort to sway them to “flip” on Gilead and help take it down--but there’s been no indication of that and it’s getting ridiculous at this point. They’re accused rapists and war criminals, what in the actual hell is with their freedom of Read more

6/01/21 5:46PM

The hype is real, I’ve re-watched the first season four times over, it’s just such a damn fun show. Great contestants, knowledgeable experts, and a host so funny I nearly blue myself. Unfortunately, not really, I cancelled my cable so now I have to wait an entire day for this to pop up on Hulu, first world problems Read more

5/27/21 1:11PM

There were VERY few New 3DS XL exclusives, like, 2? Xenoblade and maybe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth? So I’d be pretty confident this is just a “Pro” version a la PS4 Pro or whatever

5/25/21 11:36AM

This is always what I think of when I imagine Dent:

5/12/21 3:12PM

Are you kidding with this article? Not once do you mention that it’s Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization launching rockets at Israeli civilians (into areas that are not even remotely disputed). Are you implying Israel is somehow wrong because they have the capacity to defend itself against these rockets, taking Read more

5/06/21 2:07PM

Also, if you dont have an Apple Watch, I recommend adding a 2nd face to your phone, but with your mask on.

I had to pull it down slightly over the nose to get it to initially register, but now it unlocks my phone even with my mask on correctly.

4/26/21 5:33PM

I’ve been wanting a new Blast Corps game.

4/21/21 8:29PM

You’re allowed to have the most unpopular opinion ever. I am very excited for the new remote 

4/21/21 2:23PM

Is there a way they can go ahead and decide how many years this will last? Then I’ll know to stop watching before they fuck it all up in the final season.

4/21/21 1:07PM

It's good that Quinta Brunson is at a place in her career where she has scheduling conflicts, but I'm really sad she's not back. For one thing this means new opening credits, and goddamn I loved those muppets. 

4/20/21 5:03PM

I can confirm the current behavior you describe, but I can’t confirm if it’s a recent change since I’ve always used the arrow buttons and not the dedicated REW/FF keys =) Yeah, I’m weird that way =D Read more

4/01/21 6:44AM

Khrystyne Haje...she was VERY important to 11 year old me.