Nov 16

But how long till we get to say things like ‘trump card’ again without cringing? Is it never? It kinda feels like never.

Oct 9

This story is true, but names have been changed to protect my password verification questions.

Years ago, I was living in an apartment with my cat Coco. We lived there happily many years, but I wanted a dog too so I bought a house with a yard. Being an old fellow, Coco was upset by the move and was especially freaked Read more

Oct 7

Assuming the reality of UFOs—there are normally a lot of bugs making a cacophony at any given time, it’s creepy when they all go silent (trust me on this—I’ve heard all the bugs stop singing in unison a few times, though it never lasts long), but I have to assume that the tech that makes UFOs float also muffles sound, Read more

Oct 6

I read the comments just to see if anyone else commented on the header. I don’t think I can read Jezebel until it’s off the front page. Ughhhhh.

Jan 6 2020

You might even say that she is....Woo, child, tired of the bullshit.

Jan 3 2020

Why are we still reading about them here? I thought tubers were cancelled. The people spoke. 

Is this the meta conclusion to the thesis that cancelling something is truly pointless after all?

Jan 3 2020

I also particularly hate the double act with Shane. Why do people keep watching their videos?

Jan 3 2020

...why the fuck is Jezebel giving any attention to people like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul? And why the fuck is this the only place that I ever hear about them?

Jan 3 2020

Wasn’t there a vote to cancel the pink-haired youtubes super-villains, and their ‘influencer’ ilk?

Jan 3 2020

I will be perfectly ok if I never hear about Walmart Liberace or his cheap ass Halloween makeup again.

Jan 3 2020

I’m more interested in Jefreeeee’s choice to look like Dollar Store Cruella de Vil.

Dec 29 2019

So you could say it’s box office take has been neutered?

Dec 5 2019

Or that people hate Trump for no good reason. I hate Trump, with the power of a thousand red hot suns, but I hate him for the way he behaves, constantly denigrating, befouling, and destroying his office; engaging in petty personal vendettas; and shredding our institutions and norms; and acting like a dictator. Read more