Apr 5

I was really lonely as a kid, so I had my own weird version of “imaginary best friends:” I talked to pictures in magazines and pretended they were hanging out with me. For example, I went through a major Wham phase in the mid-80s, so George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were my BFFs. I always imagined that somehow Read more

Nov 6 2019

Same.  Watching videos isn’t as easy as checking articles for me during my workday.  Stuff like this, I usually check comments for clues and then move on.  I never wind up going back to watch the video.

Nov 5 2019

Fun story: When I managed at a MAC (cosmetics) boutique, we had a customer computer. When we were bored, we’d look up celebrities to see what they had bought. Celebrities who had done campaigns for MAC had something called a Z Card—it was like a card for our discount program, but the discount was 100%. Christina’s tan Read more

Oct 30 2019

I honestly believe there is a memo (if not multiple memos) out there stating that immediate support staff and Melania are to accept and mimic the ridiculous things he does in an attempt to normalize strange behavior.

He’s a shit person, well or unwell, but on top of it I think he is dangerously unwell, they all know Read more

Oct 29 2019

We have to at least a LITTLE today, because I need someone to talk with about Trump putting Halloween candy on this kid’s head...then Melania doing the same right after.

Oct 18 2019

Watched a live stream of this today and wept for humanity. In the 15 minutes I was on the livestream, I saw—

1) Easily five dozen+ men come in with a joke involving varying degrees of “if they’re out here, who’s making the sandwiches?” and patting themselves on the back over how clever they were at being (what they Read more

Oct 7 2019

I’ll miss it too. I once had an unboxing hit 25k views because Anastasia Beverly Hills liked something of mine and the people who followed their likes went to see it. 

Oct 3 2019

I’d like to think Pence actually can’t stand him, but is too afraid of whomever to whom Donald is beholden to at the moment actually do anything from his current position. Although Prez Pence is not a choice I want to entertain, the small bright spot of that would be if Pence, finally in power, would then not follow Read more

Sep 3 2019

First of all, usually people like Manny who get off by being mean or exclusionary are only deeply sorry about the damage they do when they themselves get hurt. He had no problem being part of that You Can’t Sit With Us lifestyle until there was no longer a chair for him at the table.

Secondly, I’m reminded of that Read more

Jul 28 2019

I don’t think anyone goes into a Tarantino film with the expectation of any sort of love or respect for the women depicted, real or fictional. His disregard for women—even his “strong” women—is a bullet-point on his calling card.
Read more

Jul 18 2019

Celebrity men in particular seem to have the wealth and opportunity to disappoint quite publicly by trading in their partners for young lingerie models and “aspiring (fill in showbiz job here).”

Jul 18 2019

I remember reading it on CDAN, ONTD, and somewhere else, too. Perhaps it isn’t correct, but it has been reported.

Jul 18 2019

According to celebrity scuttlebutt, he had broken up with Sarah AND the girlfriend after her because he allegedly was done having kids and they wanted a family.

Turns out much like many older, famous men, he just wanted a considerably younger woman to have the family with. Read more

Jul 16 2019

“Orbiter” = “Stalker”

It softens what it really is so the people who do it can feel better about themselves and their faux righteousness. See also: the term “alt.right.”

Jul 15 2019

Her whole intro blurb a few days ago about how she felt so ugly and makeup helped her through...I knew how that felt. Throughout an adulthood of weight fluctuation, one constant is that makeup always fit me pretty even when I spent an hour trying on clothes that did not. Therefore, when she rolled out her big Read more

Jun 27 2019

I used to LOVE Nylon. When I used to haunt the Borders book store in my small midwestern town back in the late 90s, I felt so edgy and “with it” sipping my chai with my copies of Nylon, Detour, and The Face. I still have scrapbooks I made from my favorite bits of them when I went to consolidate them all. Sort of wish Read more