Oct 2 2019

They didn’t get Android Auto/Apple CarPlay until the 2020 model year. That right there basically kept me from looking at anything from them when I was in the market a couple months ago.

Oct 2 2019

This is a very good point. I think we might be seeing “peak boomer” far as car sales are concerned.

Oct 2 2019

I wonder how a mainstream car would do that just never refreshed its look. Minor tweaks every year, but essentially the same interior and exterior. Like, the Kitchen-Aid stand mixer of cars, the same today as it was 50 years ago. That would have to bring down the price, right? Just stamping out the same panels and Read more

Oct 2 2019

Simple, the lower class that think they are middle class are leaseing, others are over stretched on their payments.

Those that are middle class can afford a $70k car.

Dec 12 2018

And you are in a truck. Imagine us poor plebs in smaller car. Pretty much everything blinds us now. 

Dec 12 2018

“The competitive challenges for GM are very real. But their workers have gotten GM through the roughest times. They want to share in the better times.” Read more

Dec 12 2018

Genesis needs any SUV right now to have a fighting chance in this market.

Dec 12 2018

The problem with Toyota being so cagey about the Supra is that it just encourages leaks. By the time Toyota officially reveals the car, we’ll have seen it from every angle and already made our judgements. Toyota has lost control of the reveal.

Sep 19 2017

The absolute ruining of RGIII by the severe mismanagement of the Washington staff was fucking horrendous.

Sep 18 2017

I’m one of those dummies for the first car I’ve ever owned, because apparently I didn’t do enough research on things to know about buying a car. Read more