This doesn’t seem like a reboot, and seems more a sequel or belated new season. The recipe for MST3K is rather timeless imo, it didn’t have to go away in the first place and there’s no reason why they can’t pick it up again. Read more

How is this fanservice? And also, I mean, wouldn’t fanservice be to bring back the original actors because that’s what fans want? Read more

You also described silicon valley Read more

But at least the Ghostbusters reboot isn’t out-and-out saying that they don’t see any need to make any changes. :) Read more

Yeah, but the new Ghostbusters movie isnt’ a straight remake. At least, not as far as I can tell. It’ll be telling a different story, using a similar conceit. I’m okay with that. Read more

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“The past tempts us, the present confuses us, the future frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast, terrible in between.”

That’s actually a very common skill in Canada, you can’t get a drinking and driving license unless you can will a beard into existence. I think you also have to do it before you can run for parliament, so he was doing that because he’s a rather unknow candidate and it helped people know he is a legitimate contender. Read more

I thought it was deliberate, they look kind of spooky don’t they?
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I didn’t get that impression. To me, it felt like the spookier stop-motion animations they used to show at about 6pm on BBC2 when I was a kid, to ensure that we would develop into haunted misanthropes with an aversion to sunlight.
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Burroughs and Throbbing Gristle. Good influences. Read more

It’s fine to be curious, it’s like touching an extinct animal! Read more

Just reach out and grab their weird fascinating caveman hair! No need to ask. Read more

How about instead of Ant-Man 2, they just go ahead and make The Wasp? Ant-Man can still show up as a supporting character if they want. Read more