Keep It Classy
Jul 22

I’d say this is a death trap, but that’d be insultive to real death traps.

Jul 8

Easy, add bacon.  Tried this on our last camping trip, you will not want to go back. 

Jul 3

As the owner of one, and run a shop that works on the other...I’m insulted.

Apr 17

Yeah it is.  Seems really similar to my 2006 S-class, but not quite the same.  

Apr 17

Would need service records on this one. I just bought one of these from a customer who saw a couple estimates and gave up on the car. Same year, same engine. Read more

Apr 13

Parked at the plaza area of town. Center square with buncha bars, restaurants, and local stores. Had some dinner, that turned to drinks, that turned to more drinks. Decided to leave my car, taxi home, and come back for it in the morning. I distinctly remember warning myself that there would be some kind of event over Read more

Mar 31

Awww, the rich lady is leaving? I was just starting to like the abuse and insults.  

Mar 27

I disagree. The rendering looks like a mustang rear end hastily photoshopped onto a c8 with the windscreen pushed back. The C7 looks much better than that render.  That said, I adore the C8 body. 

Mar 2

Add a bed and some water storage, then take it glamping. It would have the vanagon folks losing their minds....and probably be more reliable.