Keep It Classy
Jun 24

There are so many names Ford could have used for this. Great names. And yet, the one they shouldn’t have used is the one they did. Read more

Jun 19

I’m willing to bet that the wrecked Kia Rio bothered people more than any of the other vehicles on your yard. Should have gotten rid of that asap my friend.

Jun 7

TFA doesn’t mention it, but I am 100% sure the car buyer was a white guy. If it had been a POC the Laredo Sherriff’s Department would have sprained their wrists patting themselves on the back over their, “massive drug bust.”

Apr 24

Ask anyone that’s been in the import scene for the last 15 years. KBB is the last place you want to look for anything resembling car value. KBB showed a price somewhere around $1500 for an excellent condition 240sx, when the reality was you couldn’t buy one in that condition for less than 5k at the time. I haven’t Read more

Apr 20

me, halfway through assembling an oil refinery in my back garden... “oh, NOW he tells us.
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Apr 6

all im going to say is , as a lady, if i used a ten year old pic of myself for anything, i would be crucified for it. hard CP even if it wasn’t overpriced. not sure what this guy did in ten years to add value (doubt he did any of the listed mods) but having taken 0 usable images of it? in that entire time? no, sir

Mar 30

I would love to know which medical professional recommended the practice.

Mar 26

In other news: Mustangs everywhere have no crowds to spin out into. 

Mar 23

I think a lot of those wires in the photos are part of the dyno rig the motor is on, of course the motor will have plenty of wires all over it when it’s in a car.

Mar 23

As an owner of a Euro repair shop you need immediately replace the primary timing chain tensioner (will take you 3 hours if you're slow) and the oil separator on the valve cover or it will fail and destroy the rear main seal. Dealer parts on both! I can get you my discount and have drop shipped to you if you want.