Oct 27 2017

I’m just hating on Gas Monkey. I can’t stand the show (well, Aaron was pretty cool), and Rawlings is part of what’s wrong with car shows.

Oct 26 2017

Why does that grease ball richard rawlings have to put his stupid logo on everything cool.... yuck. Once Aaron left I was done with that show, just could not take anymore wooo’s from that self absorbed loser.

Oct 26 2017

Aside from the 1min teaser, I refuse to watch because the car says Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequila. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

Sep 25 2017

Depends; are they Richard Petty Motorsports fans? Because losing is a tradition as well.

Sep 12 2017

One year with the 7 and I still miss the 5S. I’m having a harder and harder time seeing the need to upgrade even every 2 years. It’s a phone, at some point it’s just like, ok, it does a lot of shit, cool. So does last year’s model.

Jun 14 2017

David...you know there’s no way in hell this truck was going 25-30 mph in first. Most will not even touch 10 mph in first (lucky to hit 5). If he was going 25-30 and this was a 6 sp he was in 2nd or 3rd. If it’s a 10, then maybe he was 4th but most likely 5th (most 10 speeds have very close ratios until you get to Read more

Jun 8 2017

COMEY is a media-hungry jerk??? Methinks you misspelled Trump.

May 4 2017

“...and THAT, boys and girls, is how a Fiero is born.”

May 4 2017

I want to see the rest of the video, where the straps break under the strain and we have some serious ute-humping happening.

Feb 4 2017

I have a ‘99 NB with the 5-speed and agree. The curvier body is great and the price was right. Read more