Sportwägen, Driver Of The Red Sportwagen
Apr 21 2016

Right! For my 1 TDi there’s 12 of these assholes in my area.

Mar 30 2016

I’ve got one of thirty ones. ‘09 TDi 6MT. 103,ooo miles. Zero problems. Routine maintenance done by me. I am upset with the resale value. I would like a new car but can't. If VW buys it back, I'll get a new car. If they fix it, I'm gonna drive it.

Mar 30 2016

I don’t know a single person who has one and doesn’t like it. The only thing they’re upset about is resale value.

Mar 28 2016

The handful of times someone has mentioned they like stance over on Oppo. Also the Great NSFW War.

Mar 16 2016

Are horses really that fragile, or do people just really like euthanizing them? Seems like anytime something bad happens with a horse, the first response is “Well, guess we gotta put him down”. Read more

Feb 26 2016

Neutral: What should VW do? Take care of the existing buyers. Give them all a settlement check. No buy backs.

Feb 19 2016

The backstory to this custom Camaro can be found on Jezebel with the title: “Evil boyfriend causes sweet young lady to get calluses on her hands from hammer”

Feb 9 2016

If you get your financial advice from Jalopnik, you have bigger problems.

Feb 8 2016

you better find the biggest, stoutest piece of wooden furniture you can find and knock on that shit for all you’re worth, because your phone is ringing and the call is coming FROM INSIDE THE WIRING HARNESS.