Sportwägen, Driver Of The Red Sportwagen
Feb 8 2016

I will never understand why people hate on VW so much... My friends’ MK3/4/5 Golfs GTIs and Jettas have had few reliability issues (if any) and my 2011 Sportwagen TDI has had one problem (the hatch lock failed at 30k miles, 200 to fix) and now has 101k miles with absolutely no issues

Nov 6 2015

What the fuck? My 2011 Sportwagen TDI lost maybe $1k worth of value due to this mess. Supply is down and demand is up (VW cant sell new or used ones) so simple economics is keeping the prices steady. To be honest I think most TDI owners could care less about the emissions.

Oct 2 2015

The reason they aren’t losing their value is because VW isn’t selling any mk6 Or 7 tdis, so there is a glut in the market. Meanwhile all the “save the environment” and “I’m never buying a VW again” people are offloading theirs so demand is driving the prices back up

Oct 1 2015

lol that sounds like fun! All that I have done is Koni coilovers and a mk6 GTI rear sway bar (small improvement... should have gone for a used 25mm instead) along with mk5 GTI denvers and Stoptech brake pads and factory rotors with 95k miles haha