Dec 17 2018

As someone who has had an eating disorder most of my adult life, I’m pretty sure that the moments I found myself huddled around a sad piece of fruit instead of a burger had more to do with me being desperately MENTALLY ILL, rather than some grand scheme to throw shade at larger individuals.

Dec 16 2018

This doesn’t bother me? When models act like they eat and exercise like normal people, it just makes normal people feel like shit for not looking like that. I feel a lot better about my body knowing that at least I get to enjoy food while she has to settle for raw vegetables and that pear.

Dec 12 2018

I’d like to think that if CB were Batman, he’d DO SOMETHING about Trump, et al.

Nov 15 2018

Ughhhh fuck them. We have so little pure left, in the garbage fire that is 2018, LEAVE KARAOKE ALONE.

Nov 8 2018

I’m due with my first in May, so I picked up a book that was supposed to teach me how to nourish my body and bond with my baby for the first forty days after birth. I skipped ahead to the recipes and the very first one was for a placenta smoothie that called for a “2 inch piece of frozen placenta”. So I obviously Read more

Oct 26 2018

The Evil thing is intended to be a sort of cheeky and fun theme around Halloween though. Can you blame them for going Evil-lite instead of actually going for some up the genuinely fucked up shit?

Oct 26 2018

In many ways, I’d consider these subs some of the most wholesome things on Reddit (legality aside) and I legitimately love Reddit.

Oct 26 2018

Yes, you dipshit, you are supposed to be held to a higher standard!

Oct 24 2018

He started out as a good source for one of my articles...then became something more.