11/11/16 5:06PM

Thankfully, the Democratic establishment, of all things, may be rejecting this sort of racist pacification of racists. Read more

6/16/16 7:20PM

Disappointed his clothes stayed on throughout the video.

5/24/16 2:30PM

thank you. it’s very frustrating to have women who had great childhoods/stable relationships with their fathers come in and tell us we’re fucked up. I’m 32 and still dealing with the fall out of my father’s abandonment—-I’ve just finally stopped dating dudes who treat me like shit and thinking I can “change them”. Now Read more

5/24/16 1:55PM

What you said. I am in the midst of (finally) dealing with my fucked-up childhood and making the connections between my past and the way I behave now. The issues are totally different, but I totally get the author’s point- that having no roadmap for what a normal, healthy relationship looks like makes it REALLY hard Read more

5/24/16 12:45PM

I was joking, because that’s a persistent thing people complain about on Jezebel (and io9 and gawker and the rest of the internet). You can relax.

5/24/16 12:26PM

in new relationships i always try to be like. the cool girl. for as long as i can. but the truth always comes out eventually and I’m like, welp hope he loves me enough by now that he’ll deal w/ it!

5/24/16 12:15PM

It took me and my friends an embarrassingly long time to learn that just because a guy gets aroused around us that doesn’t mean it’s our responsibility to do anything about it. Like when they say, “what, you’re just going to leave me like this??” Um, yes? Read more

5/24/16 12:14PM

I related to more of this than I feel comfortable with, to be honest. These are hard things to admit or say, even to one’s self.

4/28/16 5:59PM

is it though? I feel like when it first came out it really wasn’t advertised as such but because it was about animals people decided it was for kids.

4/08/16 2:01AM

To the ignorant eye maybe; but his attire bares little resemblance to samurai attire and is probably Chinese inspired, which fits along with the action scene we saw in which his fighting style also doesn’t look like samurai inspired but is instead Wu Shu or a similar Chinese martial art style. Read more

4/01/16 9:25AM

The Deadspin crew are a bunch of jabrones, but they’re pretty solid jabrones as far as jabrones go.

4/01/16 9:20AM

I checked out the deadspin comments, and I’ve never laughed harder at a comment than the deadspinner who asked, “which one of you broads can punt a football farthest?”

4/01/16 9:18AM

Good god, if Kotaku took over Jez today and their commenters followed them, it’d be a fucking bloodbath.

4/01/16 9:14AM

I think the Deadspin team is overall pretty solid, wish they covered more women’s sports. Now the comments section on Deadspin sometimes (too often?) devolves into some pretty nasty sexism, and I wish that I didn’t have to dismiss as much as I do. Read more

4/01/16 9:09AM

Honestly, I probably trust the deadspin team the most with Jez. I feel like the team here has spoken most affectionately about the Deadspin crew, although that may have just been Jolie. Regardless, I'm okay with this.

4/01/16 9:02AM

Which one of you broads can punt a football the farthest?