12/18/15 11:46AM

I actually didn’t like the spinning camera, I wish they had kept a static, silent last shot like for all the other Star Wars.

12/18/15 11:42AM

I knew about it going in, but I’m disappointed all over again that the radiant Lupita Nyong’o was hidden behind a CGI character. I loved Maz, but I would have loved even more to see Lupita in some gorgeous space couture. When I saw the woman who was the First Order informant, I thought “Why couldn’t that have been

12/18/15 11:37AM

I was so disappointed in Captain Phasma! Her only job was to order a massacre and then suck and get captured immediately.

12/18/15 11:35AM

God, I wish they would make KOTOR into a movie. I’ve never been so floored by a twist in a video game.

12/04/15 7:59AM

This is awful. I like a lot of’s stuff and always thought that they could be trusted to take care of their performers. The thought that I might have gotten off to someone unwillingly being abused makes me sick.

11/23/15 1:02PM

Cool. Does this mean we can chill out on the baby joke shit? It’s really demeaning and sexist to a talented female artist to reduce her to her looks.

11/21/15 9:06AM

I think it’s that (bad) parents tend to feel competitive towards their kids of the same sex, or they identify wayyy too much with them and try too hard to improve them.

11/20/15 1:15PM

I think a lot of the problem is that there are just so few women currently in tech. So if you have a statistically normal distribution, with a smaller group, you’re going to get less outliers and less extreme outliers.

11/18/15 1:36PM

I really enjoyed A Wizard of Earthsea, but I’m not sure I know what you mean. Can you give some examples of things that later works took from the book? I’d love to know more.

11/17/15 3:18PM

This kind of analysis is still needed because people even today will scoff at the idea that there’s a gender imbalance.

11/09/15 12:28PM

My boyfriend does that too and it used to really annoy me. He wanted me to call him when I was 5 minutes away, then call again when I was outside his house. I used to resent it because if he picked me up, I’d always be waiting outside. Read more

9/07/15 2:13PM

I thought the accepted rule was that the asker always pays. This way, if you don’t have much money, you can invite them to a park picnic instead of fancy french dinners. Read more