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Dax could quite simply duck out of a conversation he’s out of his depth in and all these assholes who magically developed major concerns about women’s sports overnight could maybe make an attempt at being less transparent about the fact that they’ve found a clever way to disguise their sense of ick about trans folks.  Read more

Putting minors in a support group for adults with sex addiction? What could go wrong??! Read more

This is the real issue with Care Court. I won’t say that it isn’t needed, because if you have spent any time around Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, you know that there are people wandering around down there that are not within shouting distance of their right mind, haven’t been for a long time, and will not be Read more

Does she have a perfect image though? She’s certainly more “human” than someone like Beyonce, and she’s gone through a period-where she was a “snake” per Kim and Kanye-where she was considered something of a villain. Read more

It’s like that old saying - I think it goes, “one bad apple has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the whole barrel. Read more

What needs to happen is, give him the maximum penalties for what he was charged with, and then double it. Cops should face double the punishment that a civilian does, because it’s their job to uphold the law, and they should know better. Read more

In fairness, Davis might be one of those “bad apples” that (despite a long string of previous infractions) was totally unpredictable and (despite all the assistance and cover he received from his colleagues) is totally aberrant and (despite many officers with similar cases) is not at all reflective of the force. Read more

Exactly, why can’t they frame this as a conspiracy against her in order to get the whole disgusting group? They were clearly helping him to figure out how to do this, not just “advised him” to contact county officials. Read more

Any other troopers who were present and failed to stop Davis from assaulting and kidnapping his ex should be brought up on charges as well.  Read more

Although I do agree that having TS and JC in your court to be heavy PR-tillery, neither has been divorced, neither have children and TS has never been married. As such they are probably being pretty cautious in their advice. Read more

I’d say that Turner has pulled a Sansa Stark and rallied the North to her side.” Read more

New parents remind me of PhD students, in that they think they are the first and only people who have ever had to work a day in their lives. Read more

The body double conspiracy is amazing to me. Have they seen this man? It’s not like he’s some generic 5'10" dadbod guy. I would guess you could find maybe two or three men in the whole world that could sort of impersonate John Fetterman. Read more

I love that holiday for exactly this reason.  Easter too.  I just like to eat and not partake in capitalism.  So yah let's get the gifts out of xmas and we'll be 3 for 3 Read more

And it’s well-nigh impossible to commercialize. (Except for the selfish, sadistic retail fucks who open at 4 am the next day, thereby forcing their workers to go to bed at 5 pm the day before, ruining their family holiday. Or worse, the retail fucks who stay open on Thanksgiving itself. I note you and I never ever Read more

I grew up in Miami, so Fall typically means the first maybe chance of non-swamp weather, and the always merciful end to hurricane season. Read more

In academia I had to bro it up so hard to stay relevant in my department. Most of the women in my cohort never finished. I’m not proud of what I did to stay in the game, I hate that my behavior reinforced the culture in that department, but it’s crazy fucking difficult to change systemic problems at the individual Read more

All of this conversation is always missing one major thing: it is about being a woman and successfully navigating a patriarchical world, but not changing that world. Not fixing it. Just being able to have the same advantages as members of the patriarchy doesn’t actually help other women. One by one, we have to be Read more

I think some of the larger social issues with our generation stem from the myth of feminist meritocracy, especially in regards to student loan debt and college education generally. I know there’s bigger forces at play like government backing student loans, student loans being non-dischargeable, and generational Read more

You either think the system we have is basically pretty good, it just needs to be adjusted so that the winners and losers are better distributed by gender, race, etc., or you think the system itself is rotten. The people for whom the system is working, like Taffy, tend to think the former. Read more