1/04/16 8:25PM

Look what cornrows did for Bo Derek — she landed herself the fourth lead from Northern Exposure.
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10/20/15 5:25PM

I was so SO in love with Devon Sawa, when I was a kid. Especially during Casper and Little Giants.

10/19/15 6:06PM

I don’t understand the argument of why single people shouldn’t have houses. Sorry, I worked my ass off, I can afford it. I also employ local service people when I do renovations, yard maintenance, need repairs. I pay taxes but barely consume any city or county services. I contribute to my community, I contribute to my Read more

9/25/15 11:44PM

Sometimes a mommy and a daddy love each other very much. And sometimes, someone puts a Barbie up there, and her shoes come off.

7/31/15 8:07PM

Yes. After that, the assistant is going to imagine the heart of a butterfly, so she can dream about it later. Yoko really keeps that girl busy.

7/03/15 6:07PM

I want to watch a buddy cop show about her and Rachel Dolezal. Rach is the tough, take-no-shit, blackface cop. She doesn’t need a gun or badge; she’s got her bow and arrow and her race card. Belle is the freewheeling hippie cop with a tragic secret: she’s dying of fake-ass cancer. Together, they must team up to fight Read more

6/02/15 10:51PM

Gentle readers, I fear that the lady’s cohorts may have given fake names - or nomes de belle-taco, if you will - to the police. A woman named “BJ” and a man named “Guns” ?

5/23/15 3:12AM

While not a douche, my celebrity encounter was alright. James Spader from the BlackList was in a tiny little pub in Noank Connecticut, my boyfriend was actually doing some work on his yacht, James Taylor’s too but I digress. The whole restaurant was trying to be so school and not bother him, so as soon as he left, I Read more

5/23/15 12:45AM

This is dating myself but... when I was 10 years old my mother moved us from Philly to Westwood Ca. (a whole ‘nother story but it was actually a case of custodial interference.) Our neighbor in in the Melrose place looking complex was Barbara Barry. She played Gavin Mcleod’s wife on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. She

5/18/15 4:12PM

I’ve got a creme brulee torch I bought on sale at William-Sonoma a few years back. I’m going to duct tape it to the back of an inflatable guitar. I fail to see how my plan ends poorly and with melted plastic everywhere.

5/16/15 8:21PM

A couple of weeks ago I came here to talk about my cat who was dying of cancer. He died in my arms this morning at the vet. My heart is broken. Here is his picture, I hope. I’ve never tried to upload a picture. Anyway, his name was Fresca, he was almost 16, and I loved him so much.

5/15/15 9:04PM

It was a typical night out at the bars in Minneapolis & was having a great time talking to a really nice guy. In the middle of a sentence, Josh Hartnett bounds up to the guy and drags him away while shouting, “No. Beer googles, dude. No. Beer goggles. Beer goggles. No. No. No. No. Take off your beer goggles. No. No. Read more