11/20/15 10:42PM

My Dad would occasionally drive me to school when the weather was too bad for me to walk. While we were sitting in the car, waiting for it to warm up in the morning, I asked him how he would describe me (I was thirteen and beginning to become aware of the emphasis placed on looks). Sixteen years later, his reply of Read more

5/02/15 10:47PM

I’ve seen that while scrolling through Netflix but never looked twice at it. As soon as you mentioned Alan Rickman, though, I knew what I’d be watching next. Read more

12/14/14 9:15PM

Reference Librarian here. I've sat on hiring committees for the library staff members who shelve and straighten material (called Pages in our library system, but I'm guessing the job requirements are similar). Having the experience as an intern is going to be a huge asset- you'll already have an idea of the workplace. Read more