Not that anyone wanted a Japanese lesson today, but “harakiri” is literally “belly cutting”. In Japanese, it’s 「腹切り」, where the first character is stomach or belly (腹, “hara”), the second is cut (切, “ki”), and the last one is just kind of an inflection character (り, “ri”) that nominalizes (turns into a noun) the Read more

Couldn’t’a just left it at that and played it off as sarcasm? Read more

Eh, sort of. I mean, it’s definitely true that this is a fight between very rich and very very rich people, but never forget that this is actually a fight between management and labor. Just because they’re all wealthy people doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any applicability to the more modest earners among us. Read more

“He’s a kid, probably never been on TV before. If he had, he probably hadn’t been on more than a couple of times, probably never been on TV in a situation that was that intense with that much going on.” Read more

You shouldn’t be eating pizza with bones in it. Make them pick the bones out for you at the factory... Read more

I think because she was being an asshole, she gets the derogatory-in-this-context “lady”in the same way that I would expect a male human to be called “dude” instead of “man” in a situation like this. Read more

So, what you’re actually doing is called “concern trolling,” which is a thing that people who pay attention to incidents like this are acutely aware of and really good at detecting. I don’t know if you really intended to do that, but lots and lots of people who don’t care two whits about changing the status quo and Read more

Don’t know if this would be anything near the applicable law (because IANAL, and I don’t do a good job of pretending that I am), but 18 USC 1519 might shed a little light on it. It says that falsifying documents for the purposes of impeding or influencing an investigation or proceeding, etc., is punishable by up to 20 Read more

Of course I want kung pao shrimp at 7 a.m.! Read more

Go to your Asian grocery store and buy some Kewpie mayo. It comes in squeezable containers. Don’t cook with the mayo in the omelette, but do give the thing a couple of good strafes with it once you’ve plated it. It is really good with eggs.

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust the average restaurant management group to do the right thing, but the status quo right now is that forced tip-sharing is forbidden, so the change would be that the federal government would permit it, but not require it. Read more

Anybody want to try to draw an analog between employers forcing tip-sharing to support lowly paid kitchen workers and government taxation? I wouldn’t guess that it’s a perfect match, but there are some similarities there. Read more

Yeah, there’s so much to be annoyed about in the world right now, so when I see that dumb dickhead getting trounced like that, it warms my heart a little bit. Read more

Also lol at that ratio on the Trump tweet. 1:1 replies to likes is not a good sign. Read more

Did you just say that minority candidates are under-qualified? Read more

Every time I scan and see “The Athletic”, I get excited that my A’s might actually get a guy. And then get disappointed in myself for even entertaining the thought. Read more

You’re still presuming that they have a history of this and that guy #1 isn’t just being a prick over something completely innocent. Read more

Well, they’d have to pay some people to locate and document each of them. They’re all geographically spread out, so that system doesn’t scale that well. You’d want to try to get each of them in a position to spend that money well and not just have it taken from them by conniving opportunists, so that would take some Read more

Really? ‘Cause only one of them went on a homophobic rant over a super-minor thing... Read more