goody sossajes is a SCARY GHOST aaaaahhhhh!!! ?
4/04/20 3:15AM

The Biden controversy was the basis of the Trump-Ukraine impeachment clusterfuck, which was a political loss for the Democrats Read more

3/12/20 4:47PM

This general theme reminds me of the film Black Snake Moan. I read an interview with Christiana Ricci where she describes how she has worked with RAINN and did a lot of research about how sexual abuse can affect people and their behaviour, and how that was her interest in the film. Showing the damage that’s done in an Read more

3/12/20 12:55PM

I, a white man, had been told at different times by Quest Diagnostics that I was pregnant and that I should get tested for sickle cell. Read more

3/12/20 12:07PM

This morning, European Central Bank President Christine LaGarde gave an address and press conference to explain the Euro Zone response to the current crisis. She was superb, as always: measured, informed, presenting practical solutions, and imparting a sense of calm to anyone listening (at least that ship’s tiller is

3/12/20 12:01PM

We think the key, Savannah, is going to be commercial laboratories like Labcorp and Quest who are already spinning up production at the president’s direction last week on tests that can be available on a broad basis for the American people,” Pence said.” Read more

3/07/20 1:47PM

I’ve got a friend with pretty sever IBS and for some reason I doubt people would see it as empowering or whatever if she was like “I don’t immediately see a restroom, so I’m gonna take a shit in this paper aisle.”

3/07/20 3:48AM

Look, Liz isn’t obligated to do shit for either of these two dunces aside from what we all have to do after the voters fight over these scraps of candidates: To work our asses off to make sure Donald Trump is sent crying and whining home in November.
Read more

3/06/20 6:43PM

So the next few months are gonna be all about the giant conspiracy against Bernie? I’m bored in advance. Read more

3/06/20 5:29PM

But he’s got vision, and definitely doesn’t make the same film of a stand in of himself fucking far younger, at times barely legal, women who are typically “damaged” in some way over and over and over and over...

2/28/20 9:57AM

All This. Warren just has her shit more together than anyone else. It infuriates me that this does not get more traction.

2/20/20 12:16PM

“But instead of expanding and bringing in more people to help, instead his campaign relentlessly attacks everyone who asks a question or tries to fill in details about how to actually make this work.” Read more

2/20/20 11:42AM

Hi there very real and legitimate Sanders supporter with an account created an hour ago. Thanks for your contribution 

2/20/20 11:39AM

The worst thing about the establishment support Bloomberg is getting is that there is absolutely no good reason for it. I’m not much for trying to predict who is “electable” or not, or who can win over undecideds in Trumpville or whatever, but if you’re going to play that game, nothing about Bloomberg screams “Winning Read more

2/20/20 11:21AM

She never went away. And this fighting persona that people begged her to unleash in the past few months has always been there. Read more