Thursday 1:37PM

Are we sure they didn’t? Because that “Holding Out for a Hero” is a big gay anthem.

5/26/21 8:30PM

The more Sony announce about their weird Spidey spin off films the more convinced I am that they’re just laying the groundwork, and No Way Home will end with Peter trapped in their universe instead of the MCU.

5/24/21 2:16PM

The only explanation I can think of, if true, is unscrupulous plastic surgeons, of which there are plenty. It’s really telling that we only have a moral panic about surgeons altering young people’s bodies when it involves trans people as opposed to breast implants or nose jobs given as graduation gifts to cis Read more

5/19/21 2:52PM

You can find something repulsive but still find a darkly funny aspect to it.

5/12/21 12:27PM

I’m for prison abolition except for white collar crime. Basically, just serial killers and white collar criminals in jail together.

5/06/21 8:48AM

Question for dancers/choreographers: how do they notate or record the choreography for others to learn or to remember?  For music, there’s standard musical notation, but how does one come up with a dance and then keep track of it all to be able to teach it to others?

5/04/21 9:53PM

I don’t think it’s fatphobic to want to be in better shape, no matter who you are. 

5/01/21 5:37PM

When your entire political ideology and identity is based solely on white supremacy and American Exceptionalism the mere suggestion that there are probably some not great things in our nation’s past feels like a personal attack. I mean these are the same people that have argued that the 3/5ths Compromise and slavery ac Read more

4/30/21 11:57AM

Unfortunately there is just SO MUCH churn in fashion you can’t deplete a Goodwill of clothing even if you wanted to. Read more

4/23/21 2:04PM

To those going “why did she make such a big deal about it??”  It speaks to her qualifications on the very subject under discussion.  There are times when asking to be referred to as Dr. Doolittle is unnecessary, but during a discussion ON THE TOPIC OF YOUR DOCTORATE is not one of them.

4/23/21 1:42PM

Something that occurred to me while watching the later Marvel stuff is that most of the Phase I MCU releases are pretty standard ‘90s-’00s superhero movies, in that they basically borrowed the conventions of action films to tell their stories. Iron Man 2, in particular, suffers from the “bigger, louder” mentality of Read more

4/19/21 10:30AM

And now I want some Ghiradellli chocolate. Also, that looked very cool.

4/14/21 12:15PM

It’s fine if you don’t like my comment - I don’t have to like what someone says in order to have a respectful exchange. But in case it wasn’t clear in my first comment, I totally agree with you that the American healthcare system is fucked up. I’m not even American, I just live here, and after spending most of my Read more

4/14/21 8:25AM

I get it. But if you’re pro choice, you’re pro choice, regardless of reason. I don’t care if someone has an abortion because they don’t want or couldn’t handle a special needs child (personally I think that’s fair, not everyone is equipped to handle that - emotionally or financially), or they use abortions as birth Read more

4/05/21 5:12PM

“Drip, drip, drip” + Matt Gaetz = nightmare fuel. Just reading about this guy makes me want to take a shower.