5/26/21 9:09PM

my theory is, with the “weird, confusing nods” to the other Spider-Man movies, Sony’s deal w/ Marvel is that the MCU can continue to use “their” Spidey in Avengers or other team-up movies, and Sony will restart where they planned on going w/ Garfield (maybe w/ a new actor, or maybe as series on Starz)

5/25/21 6:39PM

yeah, Shapiro couldn’t even get through an entire tweet about MTG before getting the vapors about THE MEDIA and how THE SQUAD IS TOTALLY WEARING HAMAS 2024 SHIRTS RIGHT NOW!!!111... Read more

5/08/21 5:03PM

everyone talks about how the ORIGINAL was largely faked - but much / most of the footage from the subsequent entries (and ripoffs) was most definitely not. Read more

4/20/21 2:38PM

i’m usually all “Make Mine Marvel” but The Eternals kinda leave me cold. it’s too bad that Warner / DC will forever be playing catchup; i would’ve loved a New Gods movie that existed outside the DCEU at large.

4/20/21 2:13PM

the average Linklater audience member would’ve known immediately that Jones was a deep fried libertarian lunatic, and the average infowars fan wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Linklater movie.

4/14/21 2:28PM

my 21 y/o son has special needs; his best friend has down syndrome. My partner is a significant special needs educator - if you have a kid with an IEP, you could only hope to have an advocate who cares as much as she does. Everyone in my family cares deeply about people with special needs, and the issues that Read more

4/01/21 10:05AM

while nothing will ever quell my hatred of the prequels, they are missing a prime opportunity to take the worst thing out of those bloated effects-reels and make it cool. Read more

3/25/21 5:25PM

i remember when i thought these 20-to-30+ years later sequels were a really novel idea. But has anyone been terribly satisfied w/ any of them? Read more

3/19/21 4:34PM

i want to see the hour 45 minute cut where all the slow-mo theatrics are played at regular speed.

3/19/21 3:14PM

there’s absolutely a case to be made that the 80s Satanic Panic is right there in the Q-DNA.

3/01/21 2:05PM

today i realized it’s possible to be both a person who hates hearing about superhero fatigue, AND a person who has superhero fatigue.

2/27/21 2:50PM

nah - it was a remake of the original (without the surprises) -slash - effects reel with a kid-actor performance that would make Jake Lloyd blush.

2/26/21 3:31PM

Disinformation will continue to be a problem until we stop coddling and giving special treatment to the religious right. As long as we treat pre-enlightenment beliefs as unassailable, and on par with objective facts and observable science, we will continue have a culture of “choose your own reality”.

2/26/21 12:32PM

there was talk of Michael B Jordan doing Superman a while back; if this is that, i’m in.

2/26/21 12:21PM

i’m in it for Coates. Abrams is a perfectly serviceable blockbuster director as long as he’s not writing anything.

2/24/21 5:01PM

“the 90's pop culture idealization of apathy and detachment seems naïve, privileged, and complicit.” Read more