Dec 4

thank you for adding smoldering Jesus to this competition 

Nov 5

I prefer to think of this story as the Disneyfied, thinly veiled backstory for Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth. We’re finally getting the love story of Obed Marsh and his Deep One bride. Sure, Disney cleaned it up a bit, but at its heart, it’s still about sex with a mermaid.

Apr 2 2019

This is clearly a Cecily Strong character cut from SNL for time...

Jan 27 2019

Sure, but will _anything_ evertop Vegan Bananapeople Drama?

Jan 15 2019

at this point Americans have a hard time telling the difference because he’d probably be considered a centrist in the US at this point.

Dec 4 2018

And, you know, Donald Trump did not understand, in the end, that just because we were friends didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be subjected to the proper scrutiny. Read more

Apr 5 2018

There are millions of child-eating Americans who don’t care what the coastal elites think of their beliefs and lifestyles and just want to be left alone.

Mar 1 2018

as sassy as a cup of low-fat yogurt with someone’s name written on it

Feb 1 2018

You know what really bothers me? When people bug out about kissing kids on the lips. Not everyone does it but when people do, IT IS NOT SEXUAL. People cringing like there is a sexual element is icky. It’s icky! That’s a father and son, clean your head. Damn. Read more

Dec 11 2017

I’m not racist. I have white friends. Namaste!

Nov 14 2017

Indigenous folks on twitter are ripping this post, and rightly so.

Oct 13 2017

It creates a truly authentic NFL experience when the fans can get CTE as well.

Sep 27 2017

He was (maybe still is?) a sherrif’s deputy in Louisiana, Jefferson Parish. Not that I am agreeing with him on this or ANY point (or that serving in LE is defending the flag) just providing the info based on what I think he’s talking about. Read more

May 31 2017

She better back off my man.

May 18 2017

A little curious that, on Jezebel, you don’t take a person’s word for their gender and sexuality and make a quick conclusion based on a sample of 1 (willing or unwilling) sexual partner.

Oct 12 2016

Younger me was the default I bet you won’t wear that guy. One Halloween we dressed a girl as Hugh Heffner and had me and two other guys dress as the girls next door (I was Kendra). Read more

Oct 11 2016

The only reason I’m sad about that possibility is because then we’d no longer get to see Bobby Moynihan play him!

Aug 5 2016

What a time to be alive, when the Olympic soundtrack was brought to you by Philip Glass!!