my car smells like crayons
7:47 AM

Yea... I have a similar issue. My budget definitely shifted around. I mean, I’m saving money as public transit (I’m "essential" so still need to get to work) is free... No hair cuts (cutting my own) no lyfts and obviously no needless spending for outings... But if I’m lucky to get groceries, which I’m not on a Read more

2:28 AM

This. I used to expect at our local supermarket an assortment of brands and products, from high end gourmet and organic/locally grown to the store’s generic brand canned goods, and I would plan the week’s meals according to sales and our budget that month. Now, I’m lucky if I can find, say, bread, even though it may Read more

1:21 AM

I have had the same problem. My grocery bill has gone up 25%!

6:56 PM

Same on the groceries. It’s nice not to have the same spending on transportation, but I suspect my electric bill from WFH and just being around in general is going to wipe out those savings.

3:47 PM

I’m finding it extremely hard to put stick to an actual budget right now. While there are a lot of changes every month in spending due to the current situation, the biggest driver in that is my grocery bill. I used to be able to put together a list, look at the sale ads, go to the store and get exactly what I wanted. Read more

11:46 PM

People likely won’t see my comment since I’ve never been able to get out of the greys for whatever reason, but essentially it makes sense that the more pollution particles out there, the more surface area for anything to adhere, and I wonder if a certain type of pollution (example diesel) makes it easier for a virus Read more

10:30 PM

Maybe the radiator is doing double duty as a heater core?

2:25 PM

And not even current gen. It’s now an Elantra circa 2006.

1:35 PM

Dunno, it's good work, but the internet commentariat will shout BORING one way, and TOO BUSY the other. I like that Honda is making a wild Civic. At least it doesn't have a whale mouth.

5:41 PM

I knew someone who hated her ex-boyfriend’s family and how they treated her, so at his sister’s wedding she put herself right in the middle of the family photos so they couldn’t crop her out when she dumped the guy.

4:29 PM

Couldn’t they at least have photoshopped the person in front of the car instead of 10 feet away? Read more

9:48 AM

This really does seem like a strange omission. Google Play music supports five users in the same “household” but doesn’t seem to care about whether there’s a matching address or not. The music selection is pretty broad, I’ve almost never found a song they don’t have that’s ever been professionally mastered and made Read more

11:35 AM

It’s the same reason as always. Personal bias. The person uses one or both of the same services and that is their world. Pandora does something and only the ones important to them matter. There’s another story out there today where “After failing” Google is desperate to try again with YouTube Music, which is just a Read more

5:35 PM

We didn’t want Apple Music because its hardware options are so limited. We already had some music uploaded to Google Play Music, so we have a $15 Google Play Music family plan. Frankly it’s been awesome. But it looks like it’s doomed to disappear or change with all the Google Music changes in the air. Read more