my car smells like crayons
2:18 PM

B58? So close. B57 is the wild one that belongs on this list. That is, the quad-turbo, I6 diesel B57 belongs on this list. 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds, 41 mpg, and it gives you this...

12:26 PM

The transporter tech has two fundamental features to describe why you don’t do this. The first is it is not putting atoms where there were none before, but rather an exchange of atoms is occurring. Whether that is a “here, let me trade your atmospheric atoms for some carbon-based protein atoms”, or more of a Read more

4:53 PM

Same here, using 2 ONVIF cameras and a Synology DS411. What this article fails to take into account is that the data is localized. The security footage is pretty useless if the thief ran off with your PC or NAS! Read more

2:00 PM

I’m torn between letting my past comments stand as a testament for what they are (terrible attempts of humor, topical personal experiences, poop jokes), or writing a script to edit them all to denigrate the offending private equity firm, thus making my contributions as worthless as the folks that drove this site into Read more

1:41 PM

My mechanic wanted $900 to change an oil sending unit (a cheap sensor), as he insisted on doing it “by the book”, which involved removing the front clip and radiator. Turns out the part can be accessed by simply unbolting the top of the rad, tilting it forward, and relying on a thin wrench to remove and replace the Read more

11:36 PM

Well maybe to replace the EcoBoost Flex, Ford will add more juice to the Transit Connect and drop in the ST or RS drivetrain.

11:30 PM

It’d be a financial miracle to get a Land Cruiser by mortgaging the Scamp.  Plus, he’d have nothing to write about.

10:54 PM

At this point the best strategy is to build and promote a competing site that follows the true original ethos of these sites, and mention it in every one of these posts on the shitty ad media. Read more

6:05 PM

I got a little ad-revenue concept goin’ jing-a-ling-a-ling
Wants to selfie you on the Droidphone baby, a-give you an Instagramming
But each time we try, I get the same old thing
Always no SpaceSelfie until I get a little cha-cha-ching
My honey my baby, don’t put my photo on no shelf
She said don’t hand me no S9s and keep Read more

11:06 AM

The problem with the open-concept office isn’t the openness. It’s the concept. Ripping down the walls to clear out space sounds like a grand idea, but there is a whole learning on office practices and behaviors that has to happen at all levels to make it work. Here are some key points- Read more

10:48 AM

Also, nine-to-five is pretty damn flexible. I’d kill to be able to roll in at that time and still be off to catch happy hour.