Sonar Jose
Apr 28 2016

“You know, I killed Nicole Simpson. That’s right, cut her head clean off! Gutted her boyfriend like a pig, too. Just part of my job for the league at the time. It’s ok, don’t worry, no one will ever believe you.”

Aug 21 2015

Please recommend this comment as many times as possible for a contest I’m trying to ruin.

Jun 29 2015

I’m not sure what it means but he told me he had to “have a friendly chat wit some judges, capisce?”, then he cracked his knuckles menacingly and did three “Z”orro snaps.

Jun 5 2015

I’ll take this all the way to Nick if I have to. How do I get an item on the first union meeting agenda?

Jun 5 2015

Yes it’s real and, yes, multiple well-established fantasy fishing league sites & tournaments exist.

Jun 5 2015

Why don’t you cover Major League Fishing more? Major League Fishing - Get hooked!

Mar 3 2015

Pretty hypocritical for a guy who's spent half his career so far on the DL.

Feb 7 2015

*wraps own knuckles* nah. no. make better choices, asshole commenter.

Jan 7 2015

I sort of agree with Curt. I mean, the only reason Bonds & Clemens aren't in yet is because the dang closed-minded hall refuses to "teach the controversy".

Jan 5 2015

You should sign off with a notice that you're about to be making some upgrades to Kinja.

Jan 5 2015

I can't think of a more fitting medium for this tribute.

Jan 2 2015

I haven't seen a case this bad since Eston Henmings and Mary Jefferson.