Some Dude
Nov 2

So that is a defensible statement. Claiming that Biden supporters are burning down cities (utterly untrue) and people are somehow okay with that (which, even the first part WERE true is also untrue) does not really imply that point super clearly.

Nov 2

Profanity is 100% for sure worse than minimizing fascist behavior.  Absolutely.  No question.

Nov 2

Oh, you’re one of those clever folks, aren’t you? Look, “both sides” is bullshit. There’s a group of thugs trying to intimidate people on one side and a bunch of people trying to bring attention to actual bad shit on the other. If people want to lie and exaggerate and engage in utter bullshit to avoid seeing that it’s Read more

Oct 23

Okay, look, yes. I put a whole bunch of porn up there.  My parents were coming over and I had to hide it someplace.  

Oct 12

Maybe it’s because I’m super old or because I’m on my second run with this kids thing or maybe it’s that they’re twins so they can feed of each other or maybe I’m just delusional but I really enjoy playing with my kids.

Oct 2

If a kid is endangering or being an overt dick to my kid and their parents don’t intervene I will 100% of the time explain firmly but in an even voice to that kid that they aren’t to do that.  On one occasion the father of a kid who was trying to forcibly take a toy from my kid snapped at me to not “admonish” his Read more

Sep 28

Okay, sure, yes BUT this has literally nothing to do with the majority of the examples in the article. If you’re passive aggressively trying to get someone to do something by offering pointed advice that is still on the asshole spectrum. It’s just on the “totally understandable but still regrettable” end.  People who Read more

Sep 21

Okay, but the last time I did that the woman on the phone corrected me when I ordered a small pizza by saying they only had medium and large which is fucking impossible and I can’t deal with that sort of shit.