Some Dude
Nov 3

“I mean, yeah, he’s pro-genocide. But he hasn’t said “fuck” in like 10 years, so he’s trustworthy!” 

Oct 30

Making fun of Trump by making fun of gay people is not the way to do it, man.

Oct 30

Love the tired gay stereotypes these guys continue to put out there. Real deep thinkers.

Oct 21

Ironically, it’s Trump asking “Where the White women at?” in 2020, because they are voting for Biden this time.

Oct 20

If you don’t want to wear a mask, tell the delivery person ahead of time so they can leave your delivery on the ground in front of your door. Read more

Oct 20

Wear a mask you fucking clown. I’m surprised a science denier even knows what an app is. Go actually read some scientific literature you imbecile.

Oct 8

I am a clean as you cook person, spouse is not. Eggs are one of the worst. They’re everywhere when he does them- the counter, the stovetop, cooked onto the outside of the pan.  This has nothing to do with the rolling bowl, I know. I just needed to bitch about it.

Oct 5

The Old Testament backs up the “enormous fucking dickhead” theory.

Oct 5

I’ve firmly been in the “god does not exist” camp for a very long time. However, I’m starting to believe now. I believe that there may, in fact, be a god, and he’s an enormous fucking dickhead.

Sep 29

As a related point, a lot of kids, either due to syntax learning or, later, impulse control, have difficulty with negative commands (particularly retaining them). Until you’re sure they’ve gotten the concept, try to use positive phrasing rather than negative (“be gentle with the flowers” instead of “don’t tug on my Read more

Sep 28

True, this really wasn’t meant to shoot down every possible example of giving advice being rude, but the sort of tenor of national conversation these days, and indeed the title of the article, is never give advice to a parent. That thinking gets old for those of us expected to grin and bear the consequences of every Read more

Sep 1

To be fair, the raw magnetism of Rhys Davies, particularly when clad in fringed leather, results in all living organisms within a three mile radius moving as though they are made of wood. Because brother let me tell you...when he tosses his hair like that they are. Read more