Apr 1

I’m sure a lot of us want this to be a new Renault Clio V6, but I’d rather see a modern take on the Ferrari/Dino GT4:

Apr 1

Pretty sure that’s a Lambo Buell dude.

Feb 25

Correct. The operator is mistaking something called ‘auto pilot’ for something that automatically pilots the car.

Feb 24

I mean, that’s a lofty goal, but it is a combined goal for two separate vehicles, one of which will be much more in line with every day crossover shoppers and not just niche offroaders. Add in pent up demand for a Wrangler competitor and I think they could do it.

Feb 7

I don’t think it’s that deep, she’s trying to defend her client any way she can.  

Jan 28

How DO you specify altitude on the moon? You can’t really say “X feet/meters above sea level” when there is no sea to have a level.

Jan 27

Cheering a person’s death is something liberals, conservatives and everyone in between are known to enjoy. Most of them wouldn’t even call it “darkness”.

Ditto prison rape. Those jokes (and sincere wishes) are gleefully tossed around by “progressives” all the time.

Jan 26

The S-76 is one of the most advanced civilian helicopters in the world and highly reliable. Fog very likely played a part, but so could have navigation failure (pilot or instrument) or mechanical failure.

Jan 21

Also, can you imagine how much of an insane shitfit liberals would be in if Bernie at all implied he wouldn’t support whoever the nominee ends up being?

Jan 8

If you want to go down that road we can, but my point is about the lack of consistency in the coverage of both events. The media used the word “killed” when it came to Osama bin Laden and the New York Times also threw in the phrase “targeted assault”. They didn’t almost unanimously call it an assassination like they Read more

Jan 8

There is a non-zero possibility Iranian air defenses took it down too. They were suspiciously quick to announce the aircraft succumbed to ‘technical problems’, when it catastrophically broke up, became engulfed in flames, and there’s nothing beyond fragments.

Jan 8

While that was my first inclination, Tehran is rather far from any border with US assets. There were also quite a lot of allies on board. Also it was a Ukrainian plane. Read more

Jan 8

If I were a betting man, I’d say the Iranian military incompetently fired an antiaircraft missile from a battery protecting Tehran airport; the plane crashed right after Iran began their “response” by firing rockets at Iraq and the defensive batteries everywhere in Iran probably were/are on high alert.
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Jan 7

I think the problem isn’t just ‘needing a computer’. If I remember right, it’s like dealer only diagnostic tools with cars. It’s that it has to be a Deere authorized mechanic with a proprietary set of hardware that they won’t sell you, and you can’t just use any old laptop.

Yeah, here’s a quote from one of the earlier Read more