I’m latching onto the idea that it will probably be someone’s explainer to someone else in the movie. Like in Dreamcatcher where Jonesy is explaining his mental library to his buddies and how you see him walk through this multi-floor building moving books around. Read more

Reminds me of 1994's “Without Warning”. Read more

This is the sound of Matt Smith walking back his statement. Read more

Oh please, FFS, don’t turn it into another vehicle for Dwayne Johnson. Read more

Oh GOD no! They live for what they think is owning the libs. They can’t reap the rewards very well if they just fantasize about liberals crying.  Read more

Day two of trying to register: noticed something I didn’t see yesterday. On the page where you provide your DOB, the app defaults to the year 2004, so it kind of assumes the user is 18 or older. Read more

So.........Peacemaker is a comedy, I guess? Is it intended to be? Because I wasn’t a fan of his character in Suicide Squad. Who am I kidding, I didn’t think that movie was all that great either, but I am a glutton for punishment, so it works out. I digress, if it’s a comedy, I’m all in. Read more

I read the book back in 2005. I got sucked into it. What really got me was when I realized that Poe’s album, “Haunted” is pretty much a companion album for this movie. Maybe not a soundtrack, but there are some parts where I feel like it’s heavily influenced. Read more

internet archive, friends. Internet. Archive. Read more

While I agree, I feel the issue I take with this is that the media is “supposed to be” impartial, and it’s hard to do that without looking like they’re playing the same partisan game that FNC, OANN or Newsmax will play. Does that matter to the audience? Yes. Does that chunk matter to the networks? I’m doubtful of Read more

Are these masked slayers part of Maggie’s crew or are they another group of antagonists for everyone to worry about? (edit: google’s my friend. Reapers. I wonder if Maggie’s masked cohort from the last season was a reformed Reaper?) Read more

Only thing I had wondered was what Kong and Godzilla said to each other when they parted ways?
Read more

I thought I read they were also going to bring Lucas Black in to reprise his role as Sean from Tokyo Drift. Maybe in the second part? Read more

I keep saying that conspiracy theory culture is the new American Mythology. Read more

This looks like a blending of “House of Leaves” meets “Cube” and a dash of “The Shining”.

House of Leaves really could be an interesting TV series because of the way it’s written, but then there are elements in how it’s presented that would be challenging to translate to the screen. Mainly, the way the text is Read more

Back to the Atlanta-area. They were just filming one exit south of where I live. They blocked off a large span of a four-lane highway for the better part of the week.  Read more

I want my next move to be FT remote. I work in digital marketing and it’s becoming more common, depending on the market I’m working in. Gonna make it happen.  Read more

I love everything about this.  Read more

I’m usually tempted to stay up later on the eve of a WFH Friday (company mandated, every other week) and then sleep in little later but I do enjoy being able to get work done in the morning before office hours. It’s challenging with my wife on the same WFH schedule (every week, tho)...I have to close myself off from Read more

They say taupe is very soothing. Read more