I’ll attribute it to the lack of Muslim leads in general, but the idea that we’ll have a Muslim main character shown praying who isn’t a terrorist feels like a breath of fresh air.
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Speaking of internet reactionaries freaking out over brown-skinned actors, I have a casting idea that would set them off even though Kratos’s skin color is from the ashes of his family and every Kratos voice actor has been black. Cast Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge with a beard.

Given Trumps base,  I’m surprised the default isn’t 1954 Read more

this is perhaps a normal (or slightly worse) first day rollout of a technically complicated app with the usual first day problems Read more

I do love that The Democrats are somehow both simultaneously incompetent and also the slickest haxzors of all time. Read more

The main issue here isn’t that Republicans constantly rewrite history, it’s that the media always fails to hold them to account.  Read more

Can’t tip the whole hand in the trailer... Read more

Fruit Loops is ready to repair it!

She’s just applying for a job as the token “democrat” on Fox News.  She can fuck right off. Read more

“Ghost was the better man....he should have pissed on Jon’s leg” Read more

Point of order, I believe Jon fucked off north to go live with the Wildlings.  He will take no wife and hold no lands, but live up that hedonistic wildling lifestyle. Read more

BUT....why tease us with Bran having a look to see what Drogan was doing...and not letting us see? The. Hell.” Read more

The exit also comes as AT&T is preparing for the launch of its new streaming service, which will come equipped with HBO. An HBO source told Vanity Fair that Plepler’s departure is “bad news for AT&T, which will own the brand but not the talent.” And that could put AT&T in a tough spot as it braces to complete with Read more

My current cat looks like a less-bedraggled version of the new Church. Kudos to the makers for using a Maine Coon Cat. Read more

I know right? You would think that people would at least attempt to do research on dogs before attempting to get one, especially when most (not all) people have that information readily available at the push of a few buttons. It annoys me to no end. When I first saw this my first thought was, "That's what they get for Read more

A remake of Jacob’s Ladder is in now in development Read more

I was calling hipsters hipsters before most people had even heard of hipsters Read more