May 19 2019

Point of order, I believe Jon fucked off north to go live with the Wildlings.  He will take no wife and hold no lands, but live up that hedonistic wildling lifestyle.

May 19 2019

BUT....why tease us with Bran having a look to see what Drogan was doing...and not letting us see? The. Hell.” Read more

Mar 1 2019

The exit also comes as AT&T is preparing for the launch of its new streaming service, which will come equipped with HBO. An HBO source told Vanity Fair that Plepler’s departure is “bad news for AT&T, which will own the brand but not the talent.” And that could put AT&T in a tough spot as it braces to complete with Read more

Oct 10 2018

My current cat looks like a less-bedraggled version of the new Church. Kudos to the makers for using a Maine Coon Cat.

Sep 24 2018

I know right? You would think that people would at least attempt to do research on dogs before attempting to get one, especially when most (not all) people have that information readily available at the push of a few buttons. It annoys me to no end. When I first saw this my first thought was, "That's what they get for Read more

Jan 5 2018

I can’t wait for the inevitable Young Luke spin off where we finally get to see him shooting womp rats in his T-16. Read more

Sep 14 2017

Why remake this movie? If he’s gonna remake something, remake a shit movie like An American Werewolf in Paris. Couldn’t be much worse. Read more

Mar 8 2017

This reminds me of the Night Witches, or Nachthexen, as the Germans called them. Women pilots from the USSR during the war. They flew old biplanes over the German lines, cut the engines to coast, and hand-dropped bombs onto the enemy. The sound of the gliding planes cutting through the air sounded like what the Read more

Nov 21 2016

Misunderstood but still pipelines are a bad idea especially if they run under a vital water supply