Oct 6 2019

Oklahoma hadn’t gone backward like that since Mary Fallin left office!!

Jul 14 2019

Proper Englishman Mark Rylance’s hat in that first clip was perfection!

Mar 3 2019

Taco Fall,” in contrast, is why I gained 20 pounds my first semester of college.

Dec 26 2018

In my opinion you are a bad first responder if an inanimate object in your care is DOA.

Dec 19 2018

Who does this guy think he is, the owner of a major league franchise?

Dec 10 2018

Wow. I did not expect to see news of a coup d’umbass coming out of Oakland.

Dec 1 2018

The best part is how the paddle is in the air for a good second before the guy hits his return shot and he still slams the ball right into it. 

Nov 29 2018

I, for one, am glad I live in a country where I can name my kid Dallas Burn. 

Nov 8 2018

It would be complete and total justice if someone walking between cars opened that door and wrecked the whole thing.

Oct 28 2018

How did this come to be, exactly? I mean, you have 4th and goal at like the 9 yard line, you’d think they would go for the field goal. But this looks like it wasn’t a fake FG or a fake punt, so how did they end up with the punter throwing a pass to a defensive end?

Sep 26 2018

I do not understand this fetishization of promotion/relegation. It is not the reason America sucks at soccer, nor is it the reason MLS underachieves. The NBA is one of many basketball leagues in the world, yet it has no promotion/relegation and America is the best nation in the world at basketball, and the NBA is the Read more