Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula
1:51 PM

Lol, nice title. It’s just been kind of a crazy month. I got something published really fast which is cool but I have a couple other things plus a grant application that has taken a ton of time. Basically yesterday I pretty much crashed and watched tv.
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3:04 PM

HI. I’m back from Maine. I actually came back last night and cuddled with the kitties. Kevin purred and meowed and demanded pets. KEVIN. They seemed pretty happy and Kevin didn’t meow for 3 hours because he has Frankie. I overslept and have been trying to reorganize my house and think about all of my work and my Read more

7:30 PM

Hi there. My mom’s cat died today. It was rough. They think he had cancer. My mom had brought him to the vet like 7 or 8 times in the last few months and they kept telling her there wasn’t anything wrong. It was frustrating especially with a young guy vet—I think sometimes young men don’t take older women seriously