Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula
Feb 1 2018

Exactly. I started working at Jordan Marsh just as they were basically forcing all the well paid long term workers out into paid retirements. These people were making 16$ an hour about 20 years ago and then they started up with us, paying us 5$ an hour with high productivity standards and few rewards that felt more Read more

Feb 1 2018

The bullshit incentives in favor of giving people actual wages is everywhere in retail. I remember in the early 90s, going to retail pep rallies and being annoyed that after a year and a half, they begrudged us a 25 cent an hour raise. We also found out that the manager got a bonus if she kept salaries under a certain Read more

Sep 19 2017

Also, the majority of Medicaid funding goes to nursing homes which do not take Medicare. Given the aging baby boomer population , this reduction in Medicaid funding could be an impending disaster if passed.

Mar 31 2017

I think the focus on manufacturing is in part a way of distracting people from the need for higher wages in the service industry. A demand for wage increases is something that has gotten momentum but seems a bit stalled because of all the focus in manufacturing

Feb 7 2017

I lived in far too rural of an area to have private schools so that wouldn’t be a choice for me. I got a good education especially because I had a really amazing biology teacher whose wife was a great English teacher. He really encouraged independent projects, critical thought and experimentation. I felt like he Read more

Feb 6 2017

I agree but I think our problem has been a watered down democratic message when what I think might appeal more would be something more decisive and progressive. Hillary didn’t articulate enough of a strong position and she waivered between democrat and GOP light and I just think that’s not a good strategy anymore.

Jan 24 2017

I’m trying to figure out this Pope’s endgame and all his obsession with purity and mystery of the church while the entirety of the priesthood melts down and shakes in fear. I think about his secrets coming out and these forces coming towards him. Is he going to moderate? Or just drop dead? I like this show a lot Read more