Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula
Jul 12

Anyone play Stardew Valley? I have some friends that I play periodically with online and it’s really fun and then expanded so much so there’s always new stuff to do. Other than that I went to Barnes & Noble where I texted owl about things that I saw there that I wanted like some pencils decorated like the Milky Way. Read more

Jul 12

Hi! I’m back from camping up in the Upper Pennisula. It is very nice up there and full of the largest Finnish American population in the US! I went to a store in the upper Pennisula. Among other things, I went kayaking near the painted rocks which was amazing (and saw lots of birds)—like Sandhill Cranes.

Jun 18

Hello!!! I should be working but instead I’m really at home where there is a guy doing a bunch of repairs in my house. My cats are hiding in the basement ceiling and I’m wanting to take a nap but I’m awake.