Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula
Jul 23

The Onion (or another satire news site) had a fake story about Axel being 3 hours late to a at home Zoom concert.  Now it sounds like the real Axel is actually gotten a little self aware.

Jul 20

I am the world’s worst gift-giver - like, I forget every occasion and Hubs is equally procrastinatory., so he’s ho help. On no occasion whatsoever I’ll find The Perfect Prezzie and get it for someone, but when the pressure’s on I blank out. Read more

Jul 12

Those are fun pencils! Do you have a project in mind, or do you just feel the need for cool pencils? I’ve been playing Lemmings, which is the other game we liked to play together in college. I guess I should bramch out because board game meetups won't be happening anytime soon :(

Jul 12

I’m very analog in my gaming, but covid might force me online since my friends and I haven’t figured out how to play board games remotely/ social distanced. Finding an online game we like might be the solution. I used to like playing Spacequest back in the days when we'd all crowd around one (humongous desktop) Read more