Slut Panic

I kind of wonder how many people their charity actually helped?  Read more

I think it’s pretty easy to blame the police but they are just stating the fact of the law. It’s happened before. Read more

Online shipping is pretty expensive. I can understand why GenZ would rather go to grocery store. Even if you don’t have car walking and taking the bus can help.  Read more

If I had it in my area I would try it just to try it. It’s less than half the cost of take out in my area.  Read more

sag-afra the actors union.  Read more

Its unexpected as Outback isn’t a great chain. Most people love the blooming onion but that’s it. Read more

I’m guessing it’s being sold to lower middle class and working class people. Also if the beef is local it might be great. Btw American beef might not be the best in the world but it is seen more positively outside of the US. Read more

Why can’t Jonathan Majors’ reps just stop talking? They really aren’t doing him any favors. Read more

I haven't really heard the whole murder his gf take. The murder was caught and is on death row. Most takes I've seen is Kusher knew she was attacked and maybe dead and he didn't call the cops. Maybe if he had called the cops she might be alive. There is no way to know if that was the case.  Read more

He was talented on the show and he let them know it. He also mentioned how hard he worked post show. He pretty much made his first collecton and a bunch of random celeb outfits in his apartment. He sounds like a hard working guy that used his platform to do well. maybe he had a bit of leg up somehow. Read more

Maybe they just like making things about them  Read more

Also Topher Grace and Laura Prepon Read more

It was gross then and it's gross now.  Read more

It's funny that men will say women are sluts because some of their friends are sluts. However when a man is known to be a rapist none of their friends unsafe and it was all he said she said anyways. The problem with rape culture is a lot guys know that their friends aren't safe for women to be around but they don't Read more

I did see Captain Marvel so I do under the stand the Skrull a bit. There are just other shows that have nothing to do with the Mouse that I’m watching right now. Like Wheel of Time, Foundation, and My Happy Marriage.  Read more

I only watched one episode of secret invasion but it seemed good. I just haven’t picked it up again. There are just too many shows in general.  Read more