As Du Volant
Feb 17

I worked in the car business from 2007-2019 (6 years in online sales, 6 years in an upper management operations position) and I can tell you while online sales are going to increase, brick-and-morter car stores aren’t ever going away. Read more

Aug 7

Yes, there are much fewer cars available with prices at the bottom end of the market thanks to America’s obsession with crossovers and SUVs and trucks. But they really haven’t gotten more expensive. It’s just inflation. Read more

Apr 24

It works the other way too. Check out KBB for something like a late model Chevy Malibu, or anything else you’d expect to find in a rental car fleet, and then check your local market. Anyone paying KBB for one of those things would be paying thousands too much.

Jul 17 2019

Of course, since the greenhouse gases are still building up it takes more and more ice each time, thus solving the problem once and for all. Read more

Jul 2 2019

You can also just Google the plane’s registration number, and there are multiple sites where you can find the data about the plane. Read more

Jun 28 2019

It’s not inherently unstable and dangerous; it just handles differently than the other variants of the 737. The problem was instead of requiring additional pilot certification to deal with this they instead designed a computer system to correct the handling characteristics to make it fly like the other versions so the Read more

Jun 28 2019

There was a very limited window during which a widebody trijet could’ve been successful, and it wasn’t big enough for both MD and Lockheed. They fought each other for market share and both ended up losing, but Lockheed took the worse hit and pulled out of the airliner business altogether while MD made a profit IIRC, Read more

Jun 28 2019

Except the DC-10 went on to successfully carry passengers for decades after all those crashes that harmed its reputation. After the last “bad design” accident in 1979 (the famous 1989 crash was caused by an engine defect and some very bad luck; this was not MD’s fault as they did not design or build the engine but Read more

Jun 21 2019

So much this. I love my car and I love driving... but what I do NOT love is commuting. Give me a subway/light rail or a bus that actually goes where I need to go WITHOUT taking an hour and a half and I’d be all over that. (FWIW I’m currently job hunting and if I find a job downtown I’ll be using the express commuter Read more

Jun 20 2019

Canal Fulton, Ohio. June 8, 2019. I was participating in an ultramarathon relay with a group of friends. The goal was to have the team reach (and surpass if they want to) 100 miles, one 5-mile lap at a time. I was on an 8-person team and we also had two 4-person teams in the event. Read more

Jun 14 2019

The broker thing must be a newer development. I’m a bit out of date on the finer details as I left the salvage business 11 years ago. Back then Copart was a dealer/salvage-only auction as well, and even if it wasn’t the law they only let registered dealers/salvage operations open accounts with them.

Apr 8 2019

It’s stated in the article that it’s an adapted version of the Nissan R’nessa, which is a model they only sold in Japan. Read more