Oct 28 2019

It’s such a top secret spaceplane that Boeing advertises it on the side of their building- if you take the Kennedy Space Center bus tour- it’s plain to see.

Sep 27 2019

Trump is just mad about Schiff’s likely more-accurate-than-comfortable summary of his own personally-dictated summary of the call (not a “transcript” but more a president-approved spin of the actual call).

Sep 15 2019

The field goal SNAFU is probably the only case in football where, if your team screws up and you get penalized, if you can get the OTHER team to screw up on the next attempt, your prior screw up magically disappears!

Jun 15 2019

Too bad those idiots don’t realize that burning the flag is the recommended way to dispose of a flag. The United States Flag Code (4 USC Sec 8 Para (k) amended 7 July 1976) states: “The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified Read more

Mar 11 2019

I loved Goose in his first movie. Of course, that was a loooong time ago.

Feb 25 2019

Wow. Less than 14 minutes total. Now we know who the Patriots got their hurry up offense from...

Feb 12 2019

Simple solution: arm the media inside the media barrier with baseball bats. Texas is a stand-your-ground state. Cross the barrier- get your shit messed up. This crap has got to stop somewhere.

Feb 11 2019

Trump is like that dating show on ABC. If you thought Trump was giving you a rose, it just meant that he was gonna f*ck you later on.

Feb 7 2019

Industry officials said many of the nation’s 14,300 payday lender storefronts — about the same number of locations in the United States as Starbucks — would have to close.
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Feb 6 2019

The Bulls are run like your cousin, who you roped into fantasy basketball to have a total of 10 teams although he’s a part-time gamer and full time mooch, was given $100 million dollars and told to draft a team. Fools have shown no ability to either build a good team or tank successfully.

Feb 5 2019

Folks, we now know where the SOTU will take a totally predictable right hand turn into the Aggrieved Woods of Allaboutme.

Feb 4 2019

Maybe she’s a Han Solo fan... That certainly looks like Chewie Caca.

Jan 31 2019

So long Krapsnaps Bazingas. Really sad that the organization is a dumpster fire. Might as well let Godzilla lay eggs in the Meadowlands now.

Jan 29 2019

I own one official hockey sweater- Panarin as a Blackhawk. Dude got traded right after I got it (figures). Would love to have him back in Chitown.

Jan 28 2019

There is a 100% chance that it will be billed as “saving the hard earned money of small business owners”. You know, like NFL owners and Starbucks.

Jan 24 2019

After driving a rental Yaris, it made me miss the halcyon days of sprightly acceleration in my four door Geo Metro loaded down with four adults. Good riddance.