Today 2:01PM

I love the latter two, but in Chicago they will dissolve in the first couple of months of winter. Besides, everyone know that for Chicago you need a 1972 Buick Riviera.

Today 1:45PM

The problem is that GOP voters have gone all in on always being in the right, and, worse, never accepting that anyone else would be correct instead. That is what all the screaming about “losers” is about. The sheer level of emotional maturity required to accept that they are not correct, and that someone else is, and Read more

Today 12:37PM

It is a good choice, for the times when Bruce wants to see without being seen.

Today 12:36PM

So it isn’t a height thing, but a width and breadth thing then? Yeah, they ain’t for chunky people.

Today 12:14PM

Yeah they can, alcohol breaksdown in the body at a set rate. A simple blood test will give them the times you took each hit of booze. Fun fact alcohol starts getting absorbed sublingually, and in the oesophagus[spelling?] and stomach, without waiting to hit the small intestine where most of the other processes of Read more

Today 12:08PM

It’ll be enjoyable, but good is a high bar to clear and that means not only does it have to be engaging to watch on its own terms, but bring something new and meaningful to the human condition too. I’m sure whizzy thing, whizzy thing, beer, beer, body oil, whizzy thing explodey, and so on will be fun to watch though.

Today 11:53AM

Don’t forget the classic Batman cars, which doubled up as Bruce Wayne’s ride and also Batmobile. And Gotham’s cops are really bad, because even with that they never made the connection.

Today 9:49AM

Was he breathalysed? What was the reading? Because the story here doesn’t say he was, so I’m not gonna take a cop’s word for it that they smelled anything if they cannot substantiate that claim. Cops claim they smell things because it is not something that can be disproven by cameras. Well, not yet anyway.

Today 9:47AM

They ain’t even Buford T Justice from Smokey and the Bandit.

Today 9:29AM

If the target audience is white people to stop them acting like Karen’s and Dave’s, then nuance ain’t really gonna be needed or noticed anyways. In fact if the target audience is white people to try and get them to notice their racism, then nuance would only get in the way and make them ignore the message anyway as Read more

Yesterday 12:06PM

Although, the more people with kids abandon the theaters, the more usable and enjoyable the theaters will become.
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Yesterday 11:33AM

What is fresh about the new Freelander? It is the most generic SUV soccer mommobile design out there right now. If Jaguar is operating from the same dictionary, then look for a mid 00s generic sedan.
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Yesterday 11:16AM

I’m sure there are no shortages of monosyllabic, bald, over muscled, himbos out there to fill the gap.

Yesterday 11:13AM

VW doesn’t have the cash for a separate Chinese arm right now. They are still paying a fine for something that hurt literally nobody. How are those Takata airbags and GM ignition fire fines coming along?

Yesterday 11:10AM

I didn’t watch any of the others in one, or most of them at all for that matter, so no. I honestly do not get the hype over these dumb movies. I am, however, resigned to them making all the money. The dumb public loves dumb movies, and there are a lot of dumb people out there in the public.
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Yesterday 9:50AM

Everytime someone tantrums, the pilot should turn that bird around. Do that even a couple of times and I’ll bet fellow passengers would police each other for you. Just like everyone would tackle a hijacker in less than a second these days, so to would they cut a Karen off at the knees before she could even sputter Read more

Yesterday 9:43AM

How big are you? Because even Jeremy Clarkson praised the Exige’s interior space. Although he did make a performance of getting out of it, but as long as you aren’t playing things up for an imaginary camera you ought to be fine.