Today 2:50PM

They won’t see it in much the same way an alcoholic won’t see a liver function test result as pertaining to their drinking. 

Today 2:15PM

Agreed on all counts. I had someone responding to me the other day saying, “What’s the point of herd immunity? What’s in it for me? I don’t want the vaccine.” Read more

Today 1:52PM

This is essentially correct. Alcohol is a small enough molecule that it can cross epithelial membranes by diffusion (and you can spell esophagus with an O in front if you’re British or just want to be fancy).

Today 1:26PM

I thought the Lambos were a little too on the nose for Batman, then again the Nolan movies lacked the comic book camp that made the Burton ones so fun. A dramatic, retro concept car is definitely more on brand for Michael Keaton (who I am thrilled to see back!) Read more

Today 11:24AM

This. All of these people who scream about the 2nd Amendment are screaming about the wrong amendment. No set of amendment related rights has been eroded more perversely over the last 25 years than the 4th.

Today 11:19AM

So listening to loud music is a misdemeanor? And then while on his property he pulled the “I smell alcohol” bullshit.  Yeah supreme court would be correct on that one in my opinion.

Today 11:08AM

None of the F&F can be defined as “good”.

Today 10:54AM

In what world is “loud music” a reason to believe someone is driving drunk?

Today 10:51AM

I’m going to completely guess based on what I read and my personal experiences... The cop didn’t like the loud music so much, but since most noise ordinances are based on sound levels taken with a calibrated meter and most departments don’t have those things... the kind officer was just waiting for the driver to do Read more

Today 10:41AM

Too crazy for me.  I never understood why this franchise was such a hit.  I guess just another popcorn movie with things that go “boom.”

Today 5:31AM

We need a hollywood flight action scene where the plane is failing and the (suspiciously buff pilot played by the Rock) had to climb into the server room to reboot the servers by *insert typical hollywood tech jargon* while the plane is doing a nose dive. Read more

Today 3:06AM

I wonder if they call them Jefferies Tubes?

Yesterday 8:53PM

This is easily accessible via Airbus themselves. Nothing really secret here

Yesterday 8:06PM

IFR? You mean I Follow Roads? Easiest navigation any pilot has....Follow the I-15 North to the I-70, turn east

Yesterday 5:01PM

I think detailed blueprints (maybe even full 3d models?) are available for all modern commercial aircraft.

Yesterday 4:43PM

Airbus publishes this type of stuff on their website, so I’m guessing a video is OK: Read more