5:19 PM

I think the Land Cruiser 70 Series is the hotness. I wish Toyota would bring them to the States, and pick up some of the Wrangler four door market.

4:50 PM

Damn fool! Hurting the struggle with this foolishness! He should be convicted on that hairstyle alone!

4:45 PM

It’s a shame that the new Defender is just a Discovery wearing a slightly more rugged costume.

3:42 PM

I guess there is always the fake pillar to enjoy instead.

3:20 PM

I may be in the minority, but I’m not digging the look of the new Defender. I can see that thing not selling well, and if it flops maybe they will offer a truck to bring some interest. Still, I think the old Defender looks much better than the new one. Kind of wonder if this one isn’t going to be a bust.

2:56 PM

If I may suggest a correction: you refer to the Mail as a “newspaper”, when it would be better described as "a rag"

2:33 PM

Regarding your last point, the terms of an independent Scotland joining the EU have not been defined in any way, so to say they would enter on Croatian terms is jumping the gun somewhat. There are potentially precedents that could be made (depending on if/when independence is achieved) such as the Denmark-style opt

1:51 PM

The thing that gets me is that, if you are at all familiar with social media (which I assume most college students are), you’ve HAD to see the numerous stories over the last couple of years calling our people for black face. So it can’t be that you really didn’t realize this was something you should not do.

1:10 PM

As a non-gifted jock kid I just keep pushing until I take out the front of the building. Word stuff is for nerds.

12:11 PM

Boris is going to smash the British economy, healthcare and education. 

12:05 PM

The Right Wing Tabloid Media complex has demonised Corbyn for almost 5 years. They make his mild social democratic politics sound like he’s the next Vladimir Lenin 

11:19 AM

Fuck off, you bootlicking class traitor. Your bosses will not be winning for much longer.

10:22 AM

You’ve clearly never worked for a company that actively staffs with the goal of limiting individual’s hours. REI does it. They staff their stores with enough employees that only around 10% are able to have a full time schedule. That 10% only exists so that they can say “hey, look at the awesome benefits we offer.”

7:38 AM

20 hours is a hell of a time investment to not get benefits for, especially when being full time probably isn’t even available. So fuck off.

10:31 PM

Yeah, fuck those lazy 20 hours a week workers. They don’t deserve anything!

6:32 PM

Weirdly cruel? What the hell kind of a threshold is that? Taking healthcare benefits away from people who previously had them is fucking cruel. These workers will now have to find healthcare somewhere else or try to get by without it.