Feb 13 2019

All these moronic anti-vaxxers were vaccinated as kids. Shit, I bet she recently got the shingles vaccine.

Feb 6 2019

Good lord. I like Warren and everything, but this is all I can picture about when I think about she’s come off in this whole Native American controversy:

Jan 31 2019

I love this. Can I ask where the Degas exhibit was? I recently visited Whitney Plantation in LA, because I had read several articles about it being a bit as you described here...the museum and tour are arranged from the perspective of *slavery*...not from the perspective of “beautiful house, gracious times of yore”. Read more

Jan 31 2019

Her father was born in Germany, her mother was mestizo and had one parent of Indigenous descent and another of Spanish descent. But Indigenous identity isn’t about genetics, and the fact remains that culturally, she was not Indigenous, her mother was Catholic, and she was raised in a very Europeanized, middle class Read more

Jan 30 2019

They’re dressing like their own great-great-grandmothers, in a claim, conscious or not, to a racialized and gendered history. Read more

Jan 22 2019

Fuck everything. This kid will literally get fucking FAME out of being a complete shit. Sometimes I just want to give up. Christ.

Jan 22 2019

Nick, I know this has nothing to do with Scabby, but can you do some sort of article on how the media is struggling to “Both Sides” the MAGA fuckers intimidating the Native American gentleman? The Concourse article done by Laura Wagner turned into an absolute shit show in the comments section.

Jan 19 2019

That whole “Swiftboat” thing to smear John Kerry was the advance team for all of the Republicans’ current political tactics.. I think it was engineered by Roger Stone and his horrible buddies, too.  I live for the day when he ends up in jail, really.

Jan 19 2019

My wife is white, I’m not. Our baby is part of that Minority-Majority.

Jan 19 2019

Like they are going to get drafted. And even if they do, they have the resources and white privilege to dodge it like Cadet Bone Spurs

Jan 19 2019

That’s it. Reinstate the draft, start recruitment at age 14. Put these little toxic motherfuckers through that shit and THEN teach them so they have a better understanding of self-discipline.

Jan 19 2019

In 2004, I was a kid getting ready to deploy to Iraq. The election was contentious between Kerry and Bush. Kerry was a Vietnam Veteran who earned three purple hearts for wounds he suffered.

Jan 11 2019

If he REALLY wanted parents to have more time for their kids he’d advocate for shorter work days, more paid vacation time, more paid sick and family leave and a higher minimum wage. Read more