Sir Eccles
May 14

He’s about to publish a report on the Russia investigation from his Senate committee.

May 13

It's like some people haven't been paying attention the last few years. Ooh, he can't do that it's unconstitutional. They've been packing the courts for a reason. Even impeachment didn't do anything.

May 1

I really can’t stand mirror universe episodes and wish they stopped doing them. 

Apr 1

With very few exceptions canon doesn’t exist until after the show has been created. It evolves and grows as the show goes on. Very few shows know in advance that they are going to run for 9 seasons and have a dozen spin off movies. Ergo there will always be inconsistencies. Read more

Mar 23

He was going to change his name but the Pound exchange rate is terrible right now.

Mar 19

There’s me thinking Elon would be too busy saving the world by suddenly building a million ventilators.

Mar 6

Thank you for using the word “negligent”. He didn’t “accidentally fire” he “negligently fired”. The headline should reflect this.

Mar 3

I mean if you want to get nit picky about it, regeneration as a thing didn’t even exist in the Hartnell era at all until the actor decided to leave. How’s that meant to work? You just have a different actor pretending to be the same character? Troughton doesn’t even look like Hartnell. Wouldn’t the Troughton Dr keep Read more

Feb 26

I think fans (in general) elevate early work in a series to undeserved heights of misremembered quality and such and fixate in minutae of lore that they end up preventing themselves from just enjoying a movie as a bit of entertainment.

Feb 24

I have a friend who is a restaurant reviewer for a newspaper. He has a modest expense account. He takes his job very seriously and hates when people demand freebies. He also hates that some places feel like they need to offer him free meals like they’re being shaken down by the mafia. Glorified Yelpers demanding free Read more

Feb 21

Underrated post. I see pedestrian safety as a bigger factor in the design of modern front ends than aero. Angles and corners hurt more than rounded flexible panels with space underneath. Besides a lot of aero trickery can be achieved at the rear.

Feb 20

Duh, I mean why put the gun on the mantle piece in Act I if you’re not going to use it in a later Act?

Feb 14

Turns out enough people do that some of these teenagers have become millionaires doing it.

Feb 13

It’s just an observation, a very real not theoretical at all observation of what is happening right now.

Feb 13

Huh, I figured Brexit was affecting magic smoke production.

Feb 13

The Antarctic has registered a temperature of more than 20C (68F) for the first time on record.