Sir Eccles
Mar 19

We all know how this ends.

Mar 5

If having to restart his career is the worst thing that comes of this he should count himself lucky. People get killed by stray bullets all the time, and I’m pretty sure a negligent discharge while drunk could be prosecuted as a felony if anyone cared enough to get the cops involved. Read more

Feb 27

Underboob never gets old.

Feb 26

YES! You’ve got it! I agree and even though Raiders is far and away my favorite, people act as if it is a flawless film. Same goes for Empire Strikes Back. I DO believe both of them to be better than what came after, but not flawless nor untouchable. Subsequent entries in both series still had a lot to love.

Feb 25

Employees at the Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy expressed concern to Officer Turner after Kaia was marshaled into the car.

Feb 20

I really like that BMW one. It’d be cool if modern cars could implement an angled front end like that again. Probably goes against all kinds of pedestrian safety guidelines and aerodynamics though.

Feb 19

It’s a remarkable coincidence that x,c,v are next to each other on the qwerty keyboard (which of course predates computers by a lot). Read more

Feb 12

I like your way of stating that. I felt that, no, the Doctor didn’t behave as A Hero should, in part because this is a ten episode (or however many) arc about her own flaws and inability to cope.

Feb 12

Agreed. Thirteen has been indicating more and more since Spyfall that her equilibrium is shattered, she’s trying to work through the fallout of The Master, Gallifrey, a mystery regeneration, the timeless child, the lone cyberman...she’s got a lot on her plate, and she’s trying to navigate how to transition from being Read more

Feb 12

See, I didn’t even get the comedic vibe from it; I didn’t get a read that Thirteen was being flip, there was a nervousness there. Barring any reveals later in the season my theory is that the Doctor’s new identity crises have unmoored her enough to make her build up a personal wall between her and the TimeFam. 

Feb 12

As someone socially awkward that never knows what to say until after the conversation has ended, I found The Doctor’s response honest, open, and refreshing. Instead of giving Graham platitudes that mean nothing, she let him know she was listening but didn’t have the words he wanted to hear. At least she listened and Read more

Feb 11

Not a video game, but always my go-to.

Feb 10

Hey, lots of planets have a north!

Feb 7

This is the kind of headline that could have used a definite article at the opening. “Doctor Who Tried to Warn...” has a distinctly different meaning for some people than if they were to read “The Doctor Who Tried to Warn....”

Jan 28

I’ve gotta say, even though I don’t have a dog in that fight — I like all of the most-recent Doctors, and have loved every one since the reboot (and #s 4 and 5 before that) — I do find it hilarious that every episode of this new season really seems like the creators trolling the FUCK out of the incel contingent that Read more

Jan 24

Russian “birth tourism” has been a big thing since Trump became a politician. I am sure that is just another coincidence in a long long long line of coincidences.

Jan 13

No. The flu vaccine is a DEAD virus strain of the most common flu that season. It doesn’t leave you contagious of anything. It takes 2 weeks for antibodies to develop. The only “live” flu vaccine is the spray (which isn’t even given anymore in most places), but it’s one weakened strain that DOESN’T give you a flu. Read more