Apr 25 2017

As someone who also demolishes his wife in Jeopardy!, own it. There may come a day where this is the one thing you have left, and boy howdy will you ever cherish it then. Besides, she’s free to stop any time. But she won’t. I know some people will say this is one of those “You can be happy, or you can be right” Read more

Mar 21 2017

“Oh you want *me* to pick up your toys? Got it! I just put them away in the garbage is all.” Read more

Mar 20 2017

The problem is everybody already knows it. When people like Neil Gorsuch are in power, it doesn’t matter what the law says. It matters what men think. And enough men think that women in law are just going to three years of law school so they can get a job in BigLaw for another three years ( off their school Read more

Mar 20 2017

Nailed it. Trump needs a massive, public blow job and knows just where to go to get it.

Mar 20 2017

My cat is a Russian Blue and cares about the Russia issue because I think that he might be a Russian spy.

Mar 2 2017

Has anybody checked to see whether it’s just sitting there on Capitol Hill?