Nov 10 2019

This reminds me of what was done by Paragon Studios with City of Villains (and then again with Going Rogue). CoV was played with the same client, but you had to purchase it to be able to play red-side. But, you COULD purchase and play red-side even if you had never bought the original game. So in that regard it wasn’t Read more

Apr 5 2018

Worth noting though that McNair is 80, born in 1937. The Boomers deserve a lot of shit that they get, but the “Silent Generation” (mid-70s and older; owners like McNair, Kraft, Jones, Richardson, Bidwill, Blank, Brown all in this group, and of course non-owners like the Kochs) deserves a heaping share as well. They Read more

Jun 9 2017

Alright let’s pretend that you are an immortal human. You have been roaming this planet in secret for the past 5,000 years. You are the only one. You look as if you were in your late 30s or early 40s. Even someone in their 70s is a child compared to you. What age range do you date? Would someone in their early 20s Read more

Aug 26 2016

Heh. I literally did this for the last mile or so of a half marathon I ran (and had undertrained for). Only at that point “as hard as you can” was not all that fast. Thank goodness for those poles though.

Aug 24 2016

I don’t know about the original Anchorman, but the Anchorman 2 menu song? Hell yes.