So: How can we rewrite the rules to prevent the top car from happening again and get us back to the elegance of the second car? Read more

Sure. But the aerodynamics are not equal. Read more

An airplane needs enough lift to get it up into the air. It doesn’t need to produce as much lift as possible to push it harder up into the air.
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Exactly the line of thought that went through my own head. Read more

I do drives and motors. Install them and commission them. This work goes into many industrial mills. Read more

No Stef, that title is wrong and you know it. They voted against the HALO. There are very few people who don’t want more head protection, but a lot of people who think the Halo is a stupid and a poor solution. Read more

So if this works both ways as you claim, all we have to do is reverse the power and get unlimited tools? Read more

A man was driving in the middle of nowhere down a secluded country road far from any cities. He got a flat tire, and got out to walk for help.After walking for some time, he came to a small stone monastery. He knocked on the door and roused the monks. “I’ve got a flat tire. Can I use your phone?” He asked.

The monks Read more

or they can do it like you do Doug

They are at maximum track capacity as it is.
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Wait, so we are totally dependent on the government to get us to and fro? Read more

Magnets Don’t Want You To Know This One Crazy Secret
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Listen, man, when I signed up for this thing, we all swore a blood oath at the Gawker offices to stay as one symbiotic hivemind and here I am, yet again, trying to wrangle back a thinking-for-yourself interloper. Ah well, if you gotta do it right... Read more

So you know how lanesplitting works in São Paulo. You can hear the doppler shift of the crazy bikers going b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b really fast and changing tone as they cross you, almost ripping your mirrors in the process. Hint: they eventually do rip mirrors. Read more

Hans down, this is a great device in saving lives.
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They should rebadge as an Alfa Romeo!
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Here’s another word for you to look up: futile. As in, trying to explain anything to you. Read more

My guess is that, much like ludicrous speed is not meant to actually imply you will surpass the light barrier, bioweapon mode is not meant to imply that it will save you from an actual bioweapon. Read more

Tell that to Bentley.