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Aug 7

You are severely downplaying what China does across the world and especially in and around their borders to try and amplify what Republican Terrorism is doing in America. Read more

Aug 6

Yeah, the first episode of this sucked pretty hard. Loud, frantic, noisy and annoying show’s overriding tone. The dialogue is delivered in such a ridiculously rapid fire fashion, as if to disguise the fact that it’s not actually clever or funny or worth listening to. Read more

Aug 4

“aw hell our main company did a bad again, time to hit the horny button.”
- Blizzard Marketing Dept.

Jul 23

Trump and McConnell give the religious right the judicial appointments they want - an irresistibly seductive point of control.

Jul 21

Well sure; I’m just confessing that I hadn’t heard about the newer one, which apparently everybody somehow knows about.

Jul 21

‘Simp’ actually made me chuckle because it’s one I haven’t heard since elementary school like 30 years ago.

Jul 16

Yeah, you said it all perfectly. Barsanti and Hughes would have tried and convicted most people, gone overboard throwing quotation marks around words in a belittling, sarcastic way. Mentioned and linked to an AVC article where “this is not the first time we’ve scolded this personality for saying something we don’t Read more

Jul 16

Just because our president says bad shit , doesn’t mean it can’t be called out when others do as well.

Jul 16

The fact that Nick Cannon still has a job is pretty double-fucking telling. The fact that this very article doesn’t tear into Cannon for being a “bigoted, insane anti-Semite” is pretty double-fucking telling. Read more

Jul 16

While I have no doubt that Gomez is less of a hack than Barsanti, that’s the issue with the ‘oppresion olympics’-style politics isn’t it?

Now you gotta decide whether it’s more woke siding with the Blacks or the Jews as the more oppressed minority, especially what with all that ongoing BLM/systemic racism/white Read more

Jul 16

This is an interesting point; I also noticed that the tone of this piece is much more willing to forgive than these sort of articles usually are. I can’t tell whether it’s that Gomez is just less obnoxiously catty than Hughes or Barsanti, or whether it’s buying into the fallacy that Black people can’t be racist (and Read more

Jul 16

It’s interesting to me to watch how AV Club writers handle these sorts of things. Usually for this kind of deal, I’d expect them to go all in on how terrible and indefensible Cannon and his statements were, linking back to their last three thinkpieces already on the subject, and tearing into the Masked Singer for not Read more

Jul 15

As people in America and across the world continue to reevaluate society’s relationship to the very idea of policing, the central goal of Overwatch’s heroes—to get the old band of unstoppable ultra-cops back together—is starting to feel retrograde.
Read more

Jul 15

...and I’m just gonna sit here and watch you explain how a noose is more offensive then that gun he’s holding. Take your time.