Shyam Oza
Oct 4

I’m horrified by this diagnosis. He needs to be healthy and face the election and most importantly the justice system once he’s out. Read more

Jul 22

In Japan they have hostess bars but they also have host bars. Some have masculine men others with “pretty boys” etc. to cater to female crowds as well. Read more

Jul 15

Being “Against” something. Or actively trying to get rid of something NEVER works. Its better for be for something. Grow renewable and let the free market phase out the rest. You just avoid the stupid circular arguments completely this way. We waste way too much time debating things like: Read more

Jun 11

Why does everyone think its a parallel universe and not just a flashback? Am I missing something? Read more

May 4

I made the horrible mistake of finding out how many chapters were in the game. At about chapter 14 panic and dread set in. Read more

Apr 21

I don’t remember laughing once watching Venom. Without humor this will be a disaster.

Mar 12

I really don’t understand why people think they won’t be thrown under the bus. Maybe you just have to have a certain level of gullibility to be swept up by narcissistic people like Assange, Trump, etc. Read more

Feb 26

I basically stopped paying attention and playing after Cata. This entire thing with Sylvanas has gotten out of hand but this is the first thing that’s made SOME sense: Read more

Feb 10

Reminds me of the farplane from FFX. Not sure if that would ever be a good idea but we really don’t know.

Dec 1

I genuinely had no idea what was going on during the leviathan fight.

Nov 22

But there aren’t enough things in the world for me to be upset about!

Oct 23 2019

This is horrifying. In my town just a few years ago a similar incident occurred. Someone was off their medications or something, stole a car and drove down a road so fast he hit an oncoming car and split it in half, killing two. Everyone initially said, “He must’ve been suicidal” or “He wanted a joyride that went too Read more

Oct 11 2019

John Carmack is going to have to teach these kiddos a new lesson soon.

May 30 2019
  • Per Activision, Modern Warfare will feature a completely new engine.

    Probably one of the most exciting details
May 15 2019

This is so depressing. I’m glad to see is still alive at least. We need to protect these treasures forever. ; ;