Shyam Oza
Oct 8

I have to say that Ricman’s Snape, especially int he first movie, has a heavy foppish nature to him. He’s like Cruise’s Lestat in that he’s intensely cruel but very charismatic, and definitely showing some femininity in gestures and the way they work the garments. The movies also sort of imply that Snape is bullied Read more

Oct 7

If possible, have your Xbox One connected to the Internet when you factory reset. It will do a few things for you like remove your Home console setting, etc.

Aug 21

Even though I wouldn’t normally spend $22 on a game like this, I’m buying it precisely for what you said at the end: I feel seen. As a brown/desi guy, I never see my culture in video games apart from, like, monsters in Shin Megami Tensei/Persona. And I guess that one Assassin’s Creed side scroller? But this is the Read more

Aug 13

You mean the same company that tried to lie and cheat taxes around the world in selling their products in their prospective countries while claiming that all things sold was rather through Ireland to get a tax break, that same company who didn’t pay their “platform countries”, I mean, those countries deserve those Read more

Aug 13

Man, awesome moving of the goalposts there. And yeah, it’s no surprise if Apple kicked Epic off, they’re notoriously protective of their walled garden. Read more

Aug 13

I mean, if you buy a video game at target does Target deserve a cut of all the microtransactions on said video game?

Jul 21

This is something I wonder about, actually. Even before the pandemic, I saw a few articles around reporting that a lot of young adults described themselves as being lonely, socially isolated, with few or no friends. Seeing this makes me wonder, is it only men that are sad and lonely, or are there plenty of lonely Read more

Apr 28

Yeah weird, it is almost like the Remake isn't a 1:1 copy of the original game and everyone has already known that for months now or something. 

Apr 14

I’m sorry, maybe I’m not reading the statement correctly and I don’t get that this is sarcasm, but this is just not true. Circumstantial evidence is still evidence. Read more

Mar 12

Chelsea, Assanage doesn’t give a fuck about you. He only cares for his own skin. Why you continue to stick your neck out for that asshole is beyond belief.

Dec 17

Hot take: as a business owner, if you arent complaining about the skyrocketing rent, but are closing because you will have to pay your employees a fair wage finally, you arent a great business owner to begin with. If 40K more a year is causing you to close, how successful was your business to begin with. Thats a Read more