Shour, Aloof and Obnoxious
11:37 AM

I remember seeing these everywhere when I was growing up, in their various GM variants. I liked them, as a five-year old car fan who knows nothing about rust or reliability would. Read more

8:45 PM

Once you learn the speedy entry via keypad on Finale, nothing is as fast when you need to write least in my experience. Back in the day, Sibelius would turn out prettier stuff, but the entry system was terrible. Read more

11:17 PM

Woooooo that's sex on wheels right there. The only thing prettier is it's younger sister. Good on you for keeping her in such good shape. 

1:22 AM

Black lentils! I can only find them at Whole Foods unfortunately (it’s a bit of a drive), but they are sturdier than typical lentils. Boil ‘em for about an hour, and they don’t turn to mush. They stay toothy and firm, but chew like a tiny bean. Much like a standard brown or green lentil, they’re both a fiber and Read more

12:41 AM

Jealous jealous jealous! You are a lucky man, and now a ruined one. There really is no joy quite like Miata joy, and I know that I drive in disappointment until I have the means to own one again. 

7:23 PM

When I swapped over to FWD (my first car was a RWD Celica, my second was a Geo Metro), I continued snownut-crafting by gunning the hamsters motor, keeping my foot planted to about 15 mph, then crank the wheel just as I gave the ebrake a quick yank. Good for a few spins, then repeat.

11:53 AM

I have never seen this Volvo before! I love it! It looks nothing a Volvo, not even the 1800, but it's awesome. How has Hoccy not posted one of these before??? 

11:14 PM

Twice, in college, myself and three buddies bought the 7 lb can of pudding from Sam’s Club. We’re guys in college, we can eat anything, and lots of it. The four of us are going to put this can away in one night. Read more

12:27 PM

I don’t know the other two; I’ll have to check them out. (I mean, I did leave LC fifteen years ago...there’s always something new when I head up there.)

11:14 AM

I’ve never actually watched a live Nutcracker. I admit, part of me was sad to be in the pit, because I wanted to see what was happening above.

11:13 AM

This daughter is the one with the extremely creative art skills, yes? Her insomnia may be due to a brain full of mature, creative art that’s just waiting to be put to paper. ^_^