Sep 4
That didn't go as planned

After work this afternoon, I took the long way home. I was on my way to the has station ... And I didn’t make it. I

Aug 21
This could be handy

My boss bought us all new bottle openers. I think these are going to get used a lot this year. I don’t drink ... But

Aug 20
Scooter Mods

I did some simple mods to each of my scooters recently. The biggest change I made was to my Hooligan. I added a pair

Aug 9
Mail Hawl!

Despite the fact that I am trying to thin down my collection, when VeedubyaJohn sent me see pictures of what he had

Aug 7
New sidewalks!

The sidewalks along my property line have been atrocious for longer than I have owned the house. See below.

Aug 4
Did some side work today

I went to my buddy CG-GUY’s house today for a bit of houselopniking. The big job was to install a new screen door.

Jul 31
Breathing on the camper.

Unsurprisingly, we identified a few issues with the camper when we took it out this past weekend. I spend the bulk

Jul 30
Ah damn. All parts NLA.

For Father’s Day, not only did my wife buy me a Traxxas Teton, but she also got me a couple of batteries for my old