Shinigami Apple Merchant
6/14/21 5:58PM

I think the most insidious thing the Ku Klux Klan achieved in America was to reframe the very perception of racism among white people. It gave them this almost cartoonish image of capital-R Racists as guys in white sheets burning crosses on lawns and lynching black people in mobs. And so many of these white people Read more

6/14/21 5:04PM

“I’ve never cared about anyone’s race, religion, gender, or orientation,” Cawthon wrote” Read more

6/14/21 5:03PM

It’s reminiscent of the whole NiceGuy motif - that somehow treating people they way they should deserves some kind of award/acknowledgement (in NiceGuy terms, sex). Nope, that’s just being a decent human being.

6/14/21 4:57PM

You’d think at least one of these assholes would own it. Like, drop the, “I love my LGBTQ fans” bit and be straightforward: you don’t think their civil and human rights are as important as your free market, or your low taxes, or your family values. Their money and praise is just fine, but everything else about them is Read more

6/14/21 4:52PM

External conditioning(or brainwashing)can overwrite one’s original ethical/moral code. When you still haven’t figured yourself out or lived a sheltered life, things as news media and fictional tropes can shape your views of the world, even if they aren’t true.
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6/14/21 4:46PM

Some of the kindest, most accepting, and most vocally anti-discrimination people I’ve ever met have been devout Christians. So have some of the worst, most bigoted jerks. Religion is a source of conviction and willpower. A believer with a good heart can take that and weather any storm to do right by their neighbors, Read more

6/14/21 4:43PM

Supporting Mitch McConnell alone in any way shape or form suggests that he is being more than disingenuous with his “Sorry, not sorry” BS.
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6/14/21 4:38PM

You misunderstood him. He loves (money from) all people, no matter their orientation.

6/13/21 10:50PM

Meanwhile, character designs for the original Final Fantasy game back in 1987...

6/13/21 4:05PM

To keep ppl who funded on Kickstarter updated. It's scary when nothing has been shown. It's been 9 months so it's good to see something. Even though it's understandable because of covid

6/13/21 4:04PM

The spinoff was one of the stretch goals announced when the Kickstarter was launched. It’s good to see that its actually being worked on. Supposedly it’s being handled by former employees of Natsume, so expect a Harvest Moon type game.

6/11/21 12:58PM

I’m no archer (though honestly I’d love to give it a try) but yeah it looks wrong that way. I feel like her head should be turned to the side a little more, partly to get her nose out of the way of the string and partly to get a better view of whatever the target is.

6/11/21 11:24AM

There is a really bad shot in the last film where the string is directly behind the nose.  So I'm going to say no.