She was weird will be carved into my tomb
Feb 23

and the Lord Jesus spoke: “ye, if thou hast a rockin bod, make yon ducats on the site only for fans, my child! dolla, dolla bills, ye all!

Dec 30

Thanks, this is really helpful and great.  Volunteering is definitely something I want to do, now if only this stupid pandemic would end so I can be around other people!

Dec 5

I gave out a bonus point each time someone corrected my spelling, which is admittedly terrifyingly bad, and hopefully proved by example that perfection wasn’t the point of writing, effectively advocating for one’s own ideas is. Also, Hawthorne himself didn’t even spell it Hawthorne until he graduated college, so I’m Read more

Nov 11

Mrs. Ghost is not a statistician, but she is an academic with enough training in the field that I get highly suspicious any time I see a Twitter thread attempting to prove a political point with some kind of statistical analysis. So you have my sympathy.

Oct 22

I’m so glad there’s a well reasoned and coherent POV around here because I thought I was going nuts.
Also the complete inability to discuss these fads as things enjoyed by individuals because they like them and that’s totally legitimate rather than because they are ‘a type of person’ who has been zapped by a Read more

Oct 22

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that we restrict the shitting on things white women do to the things that actually hurt people. Karen-ing to get the grocery store clerk fired because they looked at her the wrong way or made her wear a mask? Shit on! Karen-ing to get the cops to come out and murder some black Read more

Oct 21

We simply like the idea of a day of gratitude and a family meal together. At the start of the meal we go around the table and everyone says what they are grateful for. Read more

Oct 21

But pointing at all of the activities and foods associated with fall in America and labeling them “white girl” things in 2020 doesn’t necessarily connote a hatred or disdain for them Read more

Sep 15

I still use the phrase “It’s in that place where I put that thing that time” with reckless abandon

Aug 16

And even if she had been bandwagoning here, her tweets still would have been important! This message is one that needs to be signal boosted by everyone with a platform, so the 100th person that does it is just as important as the first! So many states (including important swings states like Michigan, Florida, and Read more

Aug 16

This and the Bella Hadid story a couple of weeks ago is click baity misogony. Also, and damn it I hate defending Swift because she kind of annoys me, she came out before this - in June in support of BLM and donated as well. This makes it sound like she bandwagoned on this. It’s misleading, lazy, and *unty reporting.

Aug 16

I feel like Jezebel has lately been more “bratty high schoolers share their hot takes on the news” and less “interesting perspectives on current events.” Read more

Aug 16

I feel like Jezebel has lately been more “bratty high schoolers share their hot takes on the news” and less “interesting perspectives on current events.” I’m becoming wary of clicking through on anything anymore because I feel like I’m fueling real trash rather than journalism.” Read more